June 9, 2021

A Better Opportunity in 2021: The Chalkboard Preschool Franchise

Have you been seeking a new business opportunity for 2021? Within the ever-popular education industry, The Chalkboard Preschool is an exciting new franchise based out of South Carolina and founded by Lauren Frazier. Beginning in 2020, the brand sought to develop an on-point franchise model, delivering unparalleled support and an incredible curriculum that has been drawing families in since its inception. For those seeking to be a part of a billion-dollar industry boasting stability amidst the economic ebb and flow, The Chalkboard Preschool may be the best fit for you.

The Chalkboard Preschool is known as a place that is 100% family-oriented – along the same lines, the company prides itself on laser-focused franchise support. Support is truly the caveat that makes or breaks any sort of franchise investment. Franchisees can expect an approachable mentorship program led by Ms. Frazier. Operational support, help with marketing strategy, established branding, and administrative guidance is all pieces included in the support model ultimately providing an easier transition into business ownership. 

Within this space, it’s vital to have several elements that set a business apart from the competition. The Chalkboard Preschool is committed to the safety and well-being of each child who walks through their doors. Every teacher is thoroughly background checked and screened for credentials. Beyond this, the school utilizes a unique curriculum based on a scientific study that brings a child to a place of holistic learning and education of all of the children that walk through our doors. The company prides itself on its small class sizes, close relationships and being able to put their children and families first! The very same founding principles that inspired its inception still hold true today: a desire to see early education of all children in a setting that is child and family-focused; it’s a place where parents can always feel comfortable and confident about their child’s well-being.

For any investment, the costs and fees must make sense for the return. As previously mentioned, the industry itself is worthy of further inspection. APNews.com projects that the early education industry will be worth $480 billion by 2026, showing great promise of heavy ROI in the near future. The franchise fee for The Chalkboard Preschool is $35,000 which is included in the estimated investment range which is $117,350 to $281,000. Franchisees can expect to pay a royalty fee of 6% of gross sales plus a marketing contribution fee of 1% of their gross sales. 

This year has been a positive year for businesses, especially early childhood education. The Chalkboard Preschool invites interested and qualified individuals to become a part of their franchise family at the beginning of their franchise expansion. With plenty of territories to choose from, now is the time to learn more about owning your own early childhood education franchise! Visit www.thechalkboardpreschoolfranchise.com for more information. 

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