November 9, 2020

A Proven Franchise System in a Delicious Seafood Concept


Have you been thinking of starting your own business but aren’t sure where to start? A seafood franchise like The Juicy Crab is your answer. The company has been in operation in the Metro Atlanta area since 2015. Over the years, the brand has continued expansion throughout the Southeast and is currently represented in 28 operating locations.  

Why Invest in a Juicy Crab Franchise? 

The Juicy Crab quickly caught the eye (and hearts) of patrons throughout the Atlanta area when it was first launched by restauranter Raymond Chen. The company saw the need for expansion right away, beginning with joint venture operations. Citing the management know-how of multiple locations throughout several states, the leadership team is no stranger to scale. Methods, processes, and training have been proven to work in different settings and sites, ensuring that this investment is quite the catch!   

The Benefits of The Juicy Crab 

A unique menu is only the beginning. The Juicy Crab will hand over the “secret sauce” to its franchisees, including their unique proprietary blends of spices, cooking techniques that set the food apart, and the freshest sources and best vendors for quality seafood. The expert leadership team has been in the business of sharing their processes and concept for over 5 years in their joint ventures, so their operational support, territory selection methods, and business guidance is 100% dialed in. Franchisees will experience a brand and business ownership experience not quite like any other out there.  

Branding, Marketing, & Reviews 

The Juicy Crab can be found in Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Brand awareness has skyrocketed over this expansive territory coverage. Further still, the reviews of The Juicy Crab are always deliciously positive! The restaurant attracts hungry patrons of celebrity status quite often, including Tyler Perry, Clarence Brown, Dave Tolliver, Lovely Mimi, and Lamar Odom, just to name a few. As a Juicy Crab franchisee, individuals are gaining automatic brand traction and pull from the very start. Marketing guidance and collateral designs are included in the franchise package.  

Stop wondering which business path to take and start your own Juicy Crab franchise. Exclusive territories are available. For more information on the Juicy Crab Franchise Model, please visit


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