April 20, 2020

Announcing the Franchise Launch of the Incredible Local Coffee Brand!

Announcing the Franchise Launch of the Incredible Local Coffee Brand!

In some places of the world, the coffee shop hails as the epicenter of the neighborhood. It is where people gather to relax, plan, pitch, chat, and sip. Today, in Montclair, New Jersey, Local Coffee is that epicenter. Beginning in 2017, Local Coffee was the manifestation of a longtime dream for founders Robert and Adele Genovese. Born from a combination of rich Italian traditions and global expeditions that included time in Europe and Venice Beach, CA, Local Coffee is a vision realized. This unbelievable community hub is poised for growth and has recently announced its franchise launch!

Although the coffee industry itself sits atop a steady and strong foundation, the typical independent shop often falls short. This is not so for Local Coffee. Based on years of industry experience, marketing know-how, and hospitality insight, Local Coffee has put the proper operating practices in place and developed comprehensive systems to found, grow, and sustain any Local Coffee concept throughout the nation. Each shop has a clean, minimalistic aesthetic and is situated to serve as a catalyst for conversation.

What makes Local Coffee different? This isn’t just a shop; it’s a carefully built brand with countless hours of forethought behind every aspect. The espresso bar, the treats, the decor, the flooring- every piece is tied to the Local Coffee vision. Each Local Coffee is home to Art Residency, their unique artist program. Featuring a fresh artist each month, Local believes in the art scene, having 100% of proceeds from sales going straight back to the artist. This hub features highly-curated treats from local bakeries and pastry shops, as well as locally sourced teas and coffees. They even support a local charity through various events. Local Coffee is a testament to local business owner camaraderie at its best.

The franchise launch for Local Coffee gifts qualified buyers with a fully turnkey business. This system includes marketing and operational support, fully comprehensive training, and tons of ongoing support throughout the life of the business. The investment is reasonable, averaging just over $100k, which includes the $30K franchise fee. Franchisee-hopefuls must believe in the Local Coffee vision, hold great service in the highest regard, and have an appreciation for premium coffee and food.

These are the beginnings of what is destined to be a global phenomenon. Local Coffee will be the first interconnected, independent coffee shop network and they need qualified and capable individuals to move forward. Are you interested in learning more about this exciting franchise opportunity? Visit the Local Coffee franchise website at http://localcoffeefranchise.com/ for more information.

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