June 28, 2022
Area Scouts – A Sports Training Franchise

Area Scouts – A Sports Training Franchise

Every athlete’s dream is to improve their overall health and performance to succeed at the next level. This is not usually easy to achieve if you lack the experience, expertise, and state-of-the-art assessment and evaluation equipment to provide a complete outline of the athlete’s physical foundation. Area Scouts leverages extensive industry knowledge and their B.A.S.E, sport-specific performance assessment, to develop a wide range of athletic skills. Every athlete who undergoes the comprehensive assessment program is given the tools to enhance their skill set and achieve success at the next level.

Many promising and talented athletes are looking for an opportunity to play at the varsity level and, hopefully, in the pro leagues. Our scouting techniques can help you get them there. Our individualized, sport-specific assessment techniques are designed to cover different sports so that you can address the specific needs of your athletes. Since Area Scouts was started, our goal has remained the same: to help young talent get placement and recruited for college sports. We welcome like-minded individuals to join our noble mission while turning a profit.

Area Scouts also invests in training franchise staff, helping you provide the same level of quality associated with our brand. Over the years, we have designed a program that covers all bases regarding athlete assessment, evaluation, and development, providing prospective franchise partners with a proven system to drive organic traffic to your location. Through continued support across various aspects of the business, you can focus on growth and helping athletes succeed at the next level. We provide exceptional scouting services across major sports like baseball, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey.

Advantages of Recruiting Student-Athletes

One of the main reasons why the United States higher education institutions are popular for national and international students is the thriving student community and sports programs. These are vital factors that impact decision-making for many students in high school interested in college recruitment and scholarship programs. As a member of the Area Scouts fraternity, you will have an opportunity to champion the enrollment of talented students in various colleges and ensure they are equipped with the tools to succeed at that level. Here are some of the benefits of recruiting student-athletes for a chance to prove themselves as worthy competitors at a higher level.

Exceptionally Low Start-Up Costs

If you want to venture into the sports scout industry, you require less capital than other businesses. The cost is lower if you franchise with a reputable and recognized brand like Area Scouts, allowing you to leverage our superior expertise, experience, and brand recognition. These are some of the areas that drain startup resources, contributing to a slow start in business operations and growth. Every prospective franchisee is provided with a detailed Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to ensure they know the financial requirements before getting into any agreement.

Rewarding Work that’s Fun and Engaging

If you are a sports enthusiast or former athlete, you know how fulfilling it feels to be recruited or drafted for college sports. Aside from the chance to compete with the best across the country, it opens up avenues for future success, and you get to be part of that journey. Starting a scouting business is rewarding to work, and Area Scouts makes it worthwhile by providing the strategies and a proven business model to help you work on something you are passionate about.

High Customer Retention Rates

Once you have recruited an athlete for our comprehensive assessment program, they invest their energy and time proving they are committed to developing their skill set and overall health. Our program includes creating an athlete profile, nutrition and visual assessment, B.A.S.E assessment, and athlete performance. This tried and tested system has helped numerous athletes improve their skills and performance, guaranteeing a high customer retention rate for anyone drafted.

Pick and Choose the Clients You Want

Our goal as the franchisor is to make business ownership for our prospective franchisees easy, which means giving you the freedom to choose who you want to work with as we focus on smooth operations and income generation concepts. If you wish to work with a hundred clients or a few loyal ones, you have the freedom to make the decision, and we’ll provide you with the business model and tools to turn it all into a huge success.

Control of Workload and Daily Physical Activity

While a sports scout gets to choose how little or how much they work, it involves a lot of movement than other occupations. Franchisees have the freedom to decide on projects they want to work on, giving them control over the tasks they’ll be performing, which has a positive impact on their overall health and energy levels. These are some reasons you should consider starting your Area Scouts and provide special assessment, evaluation, and development programs to athletes in your area.

For more information on the Area Scouts Franchise system and business model, visit the corporate site: https://www.areascouts.com/

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