November 5, 2012

Bella Pita Franchise Expands to San Francisco

Bella Pita Franchises – the leaders in the Mediterranean franchise segment expands to San Francisco Market.  

Bella Pita will expand its market footprint by franchising the company’s operations, replicating a successful Mediteranean food franchisebusiness model into new markets worldwide..  Through franchise development, Bella Pita will access new markets at a reduced cost relative to the cost of managing  geographically distributed company owned outlets.
Bella Pita relies on a compact and efficient operating system that provides food in a fast casual mode.  The business is operated by a small staff and serves food primarily to a take-out customer base.  The average customer is a younger (under the age of 40), trendy customer. Bella Pita seems to perform very well so far in college towns and communities.

Bella Pita is based in Los Angeles, California with two operations in the market.  Recently, Bella Pita has signed on a  master franchise partner in the San Francisco Bay area.  The partners will be opening 4 locations in the San Francisco market of the Bella Pita Model.  For more information on Bella Pita, visit the corporate site:


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