May 25, 2020

Brakes For Less Franchise Model


Brakes For Less Franchise Model

The Brakes For Less franchise system has successfully scaled into several markets and is essentially launching a new campaign to push for new franchisees in markets throughout the Southeastern U.S.  The Brakes For Less franchise marketing system is based on a unique, focused automotive service offering that is defined entirely around brake service work.  After decades in the automotive services market and multi-unit ownership with the Meineke franchise system, the Brakes For Less management team launched this automotive franchise platform.  

Why The Brakes for Less Franchise System?

The ownership team of Brakes for Less grew up in the automotive industry. The founder’s family owned an auto repair shop for decades, and once he was old enough, Rod Ross started working in the industry as a teenager. Historically, car repair shops have been notorious for price-gouging, over-inflating, and misrepresenting car repair costs to their customers.  Mr. Ross recognized this and has since the day he started working in the Automotive industry prided himself on high standards of customer service and creating a premium level of customer experience.  

Brakes for Less has a solid business model which in many ways is because the model is focused just on brake repair service.  This focused model allows for low overhead, reasonable start up costs and a high profit margin franchise system. Brakes for Less offers up-front pricing on car maintenance service with a focus on brakes, as well as other basic maintenance services. Also, Brakes for Less aims to satisfy customers by finishing their car repair or maintenance quickly and efficiently.


A Successful Automotive Franchise

Not only has the owner of Brakes for Less run a successful business in car repair and maintenance for decades, but he knows the value of a good franchise model. He owned one of the most successful Meineke franchises for years, and knows how to make a franchise work. People who invest in Brakes for Less as a franchise will have the benefit of his years of expertise in franchise ownership and a team that is entirely focused on delivering support and guidance to franchisees in every step of the Brakes for Less franchise implementation.


A Growing Consumer Trend 

Consumers are looking for more when they go to have their car repaired and the bar is generally set low in the industry. People just don’t want to deal with the runaround when it comes to car maintenance and car repair. They want up-front pricing, and they want their cars to be serviced quickly and efficiently. Customers want to know that they are dealing with a local reputable company with a record of treating customers fairly. It pays to have a good reputation in the community. Brakes for Less is a great way to capitalize on a growing trend in franchising–investing locally in small companies with good reputations in order to expand them into other communities in the region.

If you’ve considered starting a business in the Automotive service market, why not go with a company that prides itself on great, reliable service and customer satisfaction? Invest in a family-owned company that cares for the success of their franchisees and the impact that the brand has not only on franchisees, but every customer that chooses to visit a Brakes For Less location. 

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