December 3, 2012

College Planning Franchise – A Profitable Way to Help People

Ducerus College Planning SpecialistsDucerus College Planning Specialists is the leader in college planning and college funding with 12 offices in markets across the United States, Ducerus is truly setting the standard for college planning and guidance work.  This is a business you can start running from home and grow to a multi-million business like the San Diego operation.  

Ducerus works with families and high school students to help with the difficult process of choosing a college and deciding how to pay for school. Ducerus has worked with families for over 20 years and currently operates on a nation-wide basis. The Ducerus Franchise is based on a solid business model delivering measurable results for both the families and students.  Ducerus is the leading college College Planning Franchiseplanning franchise.

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WHY IS THERE SUCH A NEED FOR COLLEGE PLANNING GUIDANCE AND HELP:  We work with the 97% of the families that were well-intentioned and meant to save for college…but didn’t save at all (usually because life got in the way), or they didn’t save near enough.  Now they are facing tuition bills of $20,000-$59,420 a year…..multiplied by the number of kids they have and the number of years each kid is going to go to college for.

So, on the low side, these families are having to come up with or borrow a low number of $80,000…….if the student goes to a state school and manages to graduate in 4 years. That same family would have to come up with or borrow $237,680 over four years if their student wanted to go to Sarah Lawrence College in New York, which is ranked by Forbes as the most expensive college in America.  (Harvard isn’t far behind at $56,000 per year and that’s the range than many private schools fall into.)
College Planning Consultants
So, if a family borrowed the entire amount for a student to go to Sarah Lawrence College, they would pay back a total of $358,322.09, because their interest and fees would amount to $120,642.09. At the peak of the loan (because the payments stack up each year as that year’s money is borrowed), this family would have a monthly payment of $2,986.02 for six years before the payments begin to come back down.)
So much for the government ‘helping’ make college affordable!
College Planning Franchise
And those payments were for a family that only had one child! You can imagine how much more stressful this gets for families that have 2 or more children, especially if they are close in age and overlap in college.  Ducerus can help!

The Ducerus College Planning Franchise is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking for a low investment, low overhead franchise model.  The business is a simple concept that plays to a way underserved marketplace.  Every family across America needs help in choosing a college for their children and figuring out how to pay for college.  In most cases, the college situation is the biggest decision a family will make.
College Funding FranchiseDucerus Franchisees should have a drive to not only succeed in business but also to help families and truly be a counselor to kids and parents who are in need of guidance for college decisions.  Ducerus is set to change the landscape of college counseling and develop a national brand that is associated with high-quality, consistent guidance when it comes to this difficult and stressful decision.

Contact us for more information on the Ducerus Franchise – 424-237-2066, ask for Devin.

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