March 30, 2020

Devin Conner – Franchise Development

Devin Conner – Franchise Development

Sunny California is home to booming business that is behind many of the successful West Coast franchises that are thriving and scaling their brand: West Coast Franchise Developers. Devin Conner started West Coast Franchise Developers and has become well acquainted with the intricacies that franchise development demands, especially in states with more stringent regulations like California.  

W.C. Franchise Developers is the product and evolution of exceptional franchise sales and development wisdom, all enhanced by the collective efforts of an expert team of over five consultants stationed in Colorado, California and Texas. Working with companies of all sizes, throughout all industries, and within all stages of franchise development, this full-service franchise consulting agency has worked with over 100 brands since 2016, serving many entrepreneurs as they navigate the gray waters of scaling their business model through franchising. Devin Conner’s vision for W.C. Franchise Developers has always been to be the one-stop-shop for business owners who are hoping to expand through franchising. He has strategically created a vetting process to first determine the viability of franchising for a particular concept. After viability is confirmed, the process begins, with each piece of the process dependent upon its predecessor, ultimately arriving at a franchise model that is financially stable and ready to sell.


What W.C. Franchise Developers Can Do For You

Franchising is an effective way to expand many business concepts. When done correctly, franchising can be one of the quickest, most lucrative avenues through which to expand. This is not a step to be taken lightly and must have a tremendous amount of forethought and research behind it. With professional franchise developers like Mr. Conner, expansion through franchising can be done safely and will produce brand recognition, revenue, and company stability.

W.C. Franchise Developers possesses the resources to set a business up for the very best results; based on extensive team experience, Mr. Conner and his team will circumvent potential potholes before they are hit. Before moving forward into franchise development, every business is always taken through a detailed examination to ensure long-term market potential and value to franchise buyers. Criteria examined includes the company’s track record, sales figures, past replication success, and more.

The franchise development process demands qualified professionals due to its multifarious nature. Different states, different industries, different countries- there are numerous moments where this process needs the expertise of a franchise consultant like Mr. Conner. Throughout his journey in franchise development, Mr. Conner has worked with such varied business segments and concepts, he has every tool needed to properly recognize and acquire what’s needed to efficiently set up the franchise and get the business ready for the sales team.

When seeking effectiveness for transferring a proven business model into the hands of a franchisee, preparedness is vital. W.C. Franchise Developers will create a Franchise Business Plan that includes several structural elements needed to correctly move the franchise forward, as well as a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) through third party franchise law firms. Mr. Conner and his team will put together a Franchise Operations Manual which communicates how to best execute the day-to-day operations of the business. The operations manual also details branding and marketing guidelines and other resources that will help a franchisee successfully sustain the business.

Devin Conner and his team at W.C. Franchise Developers are standing by to answer your questions. The consultation is completely free. If you are interested in franchising your business and want to maximize your franchise sales, there is no better place to go for professional guidance than W.C. Franchise Developers! Visit the website at for more information on how to franchise your business.  

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