March 18, 2013

DotComGuy Sales Director License

Become the Next DotComGuy.   Affordable Business Opportunity is launched with the potential to earn six figures plus in recurring income in the booming “software as a service” sector.

March 19, 2013  DotComGuy;, Los Angeles, CA:
In 1999, DotComGuy showed the world that e-commerce was here to stay, it was the first internet “social business”, years before FaceBook and Twitter.  DotComGuy created over 30 million customers in over 26 countries in just one short year, when DotComGuy (Mitch Maddox) entered his new home in Dallas, Texas and did not leave for one full year.  DotComGuy ran his business by living off his internet connection and computer.  The Next DotComGuys will have the opportunity to do the same, working from their home office.
Fast forward thirteen years, businesses are more reliant on the internet and their computers, and technology is light years ahead of where it was back then—-except that 95% of all businesses still have the same outdated support options they had back in 1999!  DotComGuy has reinvented itself, this time delivering a more cost efficient, more convenient and pro-active “Tech Support” subscription-based solution for small to medium-sized businesses.
DotComGuy has created a business support software that enables businesses to keep their business running by keeping their computers protected and operational for an incredibly low price.  This cloud-based “software as a service” is called the DOTCOMinator and it is bundled support software that enables a more cost efficient and convenient way to do “Tech support.”  Imagine having a pro-active monitoring system on your computer that sends you an email alert if there is a pending issue with your computer BEFORE the problem occurs!  Add to that a Computer Health Dashboardfor faster diagnosis & repair, Trend Micro Titanium anti-virus suite, Mozy Pro data backup, website and email monitoring and 24/7 “one click” priority access to US based technicians who perform repairs remotely within minutes or can schedule an on-site technician within two hours.  Now imagine getting all of this at just $9.95 per computer per month for the Business Basic subscription exclusively through The UPS Store Small Business Solutions website.   It gets even better . . . the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) is the fastest growing sector by far, from $22 Billion in 2011 to over $67 Billlion by 2016.  Jim Pascucci, CEO of DotComGuy, said, “we have created a way for professional salespeople to sell a “must have” product that virtually anyone can afford, in a wide-open market, and build a powerful, recurring income that they can take into retirement with them.”
The new DotComGuy business opportunity is offered in the form of a Sales Director License that includes the right to have up to ten account managers and twenty affiliates.  The sales license also includes Sandler Schools sales training, Sandler sales scripts, prospecting plan and goal setting template, along with a product video, an opportunity video, sales brochures, a CRM system with 1,000 pre-populated business leads, business cards and stationary, the license to sell the revolutionary DOTCOMinator, full access to the DotComGuy support Intranet and a blue print to create a six figure plus recurring income.  You get all of this for just $15,000.  Don’t have $15,000? You can sign up as an account manager or as an affiliate for free and still build a business with significant income potential.
DotComGuy’s new business opportunity launches today, you can go to and click on “Become a DotComGuy” or go directly to to learn more and sign up for a free informational webinar.   Your future starts today.
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