January 28, 2021
Elevated Wellness Announces Franchise Launch

Elevated Wellness Announces Franchise Launch

The CBD company is now accepting applications from candidates for its new franchise opportunity.

Austin, TX (January 28, 2021) Elevated Wellness, an Austin-based CBD company harnessing the power of science to create potent, chemical-free CBD products, is excited to announce the launch of its franchise opportunity.

“With an industry as unregulated as CBD, it’s imperative to have a well-established model and a team who understands how to navigate it,” stated Kush Patel, CEO of Elevated Wellness. “Our goal is to provide a simple-to-operate business in which franchise partners can step in and successfully operate with the backing of our support team.”

The franchise package includes an exclusive territory, access to branding tools, marketing tactics, ongoing operational support, and training.

When the legislation passed in 2018 that lifted regulations against industry hemp growth, a slew of poorly organized CBD companies began to sprout. Elevated Wellness differentiates itself from their competitors through their proprietary products and series of quality checkpoints. “We wanted to bring pharmaceutical-grade products to the general populace with a customer experience that’s guided by our experts,” stated Dr. Chris Adlakha, COO of Elevated Wellness. “Our customers can trust they are getting the products that fit their needs.”

Shivam Patel, CFO of Elevated Wellness, added that marketing support is a huge differentiator. “Elevated Wellness doesn’t stick to just CBD. Our marketing initiative also doesn’t depend on the usual B2C concepts,” stated Shivam Patel. “As healthcare providers with a combined 100+ years healthcare provider marketing experience, our franchisees have access to proven proprietary marketing methods that generate consistent healthcare referral partners.”

The Elevated Wellness support model is what makes the company a stand-out in the industry. “We are the only healthcare-founded CBD company that offers more than CBD and keeps our consumers coming back for more products and services, unlike other companies employing one-and-done transactions with no recurring revenue,” stated Shivam Patel.

Elevated Wellness products contain pure US-grown organic hemp and are always non-GMO, gluten-free, and mostly vegan certified. All labs in which each Elevated Wellness product is formulated are state-of-the-art ISO-5, USP-795, and USP-800 compliant.


Elevated Wellness is a CBD company founded by health care professionals. They have taken it upon themselves to formulate all of their name brand products in facilities regulated by federal agencies, including the FDA, to ensure the absolute highest quality cannabinoid products that people can trust. Elevated Wellness produces superior quality CBD products and accessories. All CBD products are made with US-grown organic hemp and undergo a stringent quality control process. The Elevated Wellness team is customer service focused with the goal of helping people feel better through chemical-free alternatives like CBD. More information on the franchise opportunity and the Elevated Wellness product line can be found at https://elevatedwellness.com.

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