December 30, 2019

Escape the 9 to 5 with Steak Escape Franchise!


Escape the 9 to 5 with Steak Escape Franchise!

As quick service concepts and convenience make their way to center stage in the restaurant landscape, Steak Escape Sandwich Grill is relaunching its unparalleled franchise offering to candidates throughout the United States. Beginning in 1982, Steak Escape has been offering fresh foods, chopped and prepared daily, to its wide client base. Now, with the demand for high quality meals, hormone-free chicken, 100% USDA choice beef, and premium vegetables on the rise, Steak Escape is sharing its menu through their franchises throughout the nation.

The company boasts an Eat Proud slogan and rightfully so. Customer loyalty is prevalent due to Steak Escape’s focus on customer service and superior dishes, giving franchisees a solidified product offering that keeps customer retention rates high. Steak Escape is more than a cheesesteak company; they are a “people company” that is dedicated to making a positive impact on their crews, neighbors, and visitors one bite at a time. Every restaurant is a fun, upbeat environment where people can sit back, relax, and trust they are eating the very best food around.

Franchisees are gaining a company culture that is positive, fun, and welcoming to all. The brand has a focus that shifts beyond just numbers to ensure that lifestyle is of the utmost importance for their franchisees. Due to the vast experience within the company’s history, franchisees are also investing in a business that has truly taken the time to solidify their model, concept, and practices, lending to longevity and dependability. The Steak Escape’s mission is “to be the day’s highlight to everyone who walks through the door”, with core values that focus on pride, passion, and purpose.

When taking a look at the financials for Steak Escape, comparatively the company is affordable and has potentially promising numbers. The franchise fee for a Steak Escape is $25,000. Depending on location and size of your Steak Escape Sandwich Grill, the initial investment ranges from $223,000 to $660,000. The models for every restaurant vary, with options for colleges, airports, strip centers, end caps, and stand alone buildings. Every model offers its own benefits and several have delivery available. Their royalty fee is 6% of gross sales, plus 0.5% of gross sales for marketing mall locations.

Steak Escape has the sprawling market applicability, the customer service standards, marketing guidance, operational know-how, and premium dishes that not only keep this business top of mind, but keep everything running smoothly for its franchisees. Interested franchise buyers should visit the Steak Escape franchise page at for more information!

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