May 15, 2020
FBY Yoga

FBY YOGA: Experience a Life Changing Franchise Opportunity


FBY YOGA: Experience a Life Changing Franchise Opportunity

Life is about doing what you love and loving what you do! In 2016, Shelley Roupas, founder of FBY YOGA studios in Burlington, North Carolina, set out to create a unique, you’ll-feel-better vinyasa yoga studio that could cater to individuals of all different levels and lifestyles. In doing so, a ripple effect of new opportunity occurred through the FBY YOGA franchise offering! 

Franchise partners will find that FBY YOGA studios are the culmination of hours of forethought and a lifetime of passion, all designed to effectively share yoga with each community and the rest of the nation within a high-end vinyasa yoga studio. Busy moms and dads, college students, and everyone else who wants to chill out and feel better will find a place at FBY YOGA. Beyond walk-in classes, FBY YOGA offers in-house retail, membership packages, yoga retreats, and leadership training, translating into multiple revenue streams for franchise buyers.

The difference between FBY YOGA and other similar concepts is evident. This is a community-driven, possibility-striving, courage-and-kindness group of like-minded individuals who have set out to empower members, staff, visitors, and franchise partners. The leadership team at FBY YOGA understands the powerful change that yoga brings to life. Utilizing a strong set of business strategy tools and marketing skills, FBY YOGA has the foundational inner workings that not only make for a top yoga studio, but create an incredibly powerful business force that is destined for sustainability!

The FBY YOGA team is truly adept at marketing and passes these skills and plans onto franchisees. They carry a very strong blend of top-of-funnel marketing! FBY YOGA gives franchise partners their perfected tricfecta: amazing national and local TV support, organic word-of-mouth referrals, and stellar social media buzz. FBY YOGA franchise partners are investing in a legit brand backed by an expert marketing team!

As far as marketplace opportunities go, FBY YOGA is one that is less stress, simple-to-operate, healthy, and fun. Affordable and reliable, the franchise model begins with a franchise fee of just $40K, rounding out around $120K for a minimal initial investment. Training, marketing plans, ongoing operational support, and many other avenues for business enhancement are offered by the professional team at FBY YOGA. As a ground floor roll out, franchise partners have the added perk of working with the incredible founder, Ms. Roupas.

Your next step into the lucrative fitness and yoga industry starts here with the FBY YOGA Franchise. For more information on the brand and to start the conversation, visit their website at

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