February 20, 2020

Franchise Development: Franchise Marketing Systems

Franchise Development: Franchise Marketing Systems

Develops and builds the franchise model, systems and structure then represents the franchisor in marketing and selling the franchise.  The market positioning for FMS is to work with a business to develop the franchise model and platform, then execute and manage the sales and marketing to support new franchise recruitment.  

Franchise Development Proposal:

  1. Strategic Planning – defining the franchise model, writing the plans, doing the market research and financial modeling.
  2. Legal Documentation – creating and designing the Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreements with third party franchise lawyers.
  3. Franchise Operations Manuals and Training – developing the training and operations documents for franchisees.
  4. Franchise Marketing Development – creating the marketing materials and content to market and sell the franchise. 

Marketing and Sales:

  1. Lead Generation and promotion for the franchise.
  2. Screening, qualifying and prospecting for franchisees.
  3. Franchise Marketing Systems represents the Franchisor.

The Client:  Franchisor

The new entity formed to sell and market the brand and offer the business system to third party investors.  This legal entity is created to allow the brand to begin franchising and initiate the creation of the franchise distribution system.    

  1. Independent Legal Entity.
  2. Licenses the intellectual property from the existing Affiliate Owned business.
  3. Sells the franchise brand and systems for an upfront fee of $30,000 – $50,000.
  4. Collects a Royalty Percentage from the franchisee of 4-15% of Gross Sales.
  5. Sells Products and services to Franchisees.


Franchise Consulting Company (FCC): Franchise Broker Networks

Independent sales agents who market, network and promote their services as third party franchise consultants.  They are paid a commission for introducing a franchise buyer to a brand. 

  1. Extensive networks of franchise sales professionals located in markets around the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Brokers represent the buyer and introduce brands as franchise choices. 
  3. Third party recommendation provides validation for the franchise brands they represent.

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