October 5, 2016

Franchise Development – Launching Your Brand

Chris Conner, Franchise Consultant, how to franchise your business

Franchising is a high powered marketing and business development vehicle.  Brands that leverage franchising effectively are able to drive growth and brand equity at a pace unmatched with other business expansion vehicles.  When you franchise your business, it requires a deep understanding and solid approach to marketing and sales.  Not only the marketing and sales you do every day with your product or service, but now in selling and promoting your business and your brand.

Franchise Development starts with having a great business model in place and a clear process for marketing your business to consumers.  Be ready to present numbers and fact-based data which will present how you get customers, what the cost per conversion is and what proven methodology you’ve found to get the best bang for your marketing dollars.  Great examples of this could be found with proven franchise systems like Schooley-Mitchell (www.SchooleyMitchell.com), RMH Business Solutions (www.RMHBusiness.com) or LifeLine Repairs (www.LifeLineRepairs.com), these are all businesses that have defined, proven and tested their customer recruitment models and when a franchisee goes to market, they have a good plan in place to start their area and get their business up and running.

Next, Franchise Development is all about a marketing and sales mechanism for promoting your brand and business to new potential franchisees and business investors. This requires a franchise marketing budget, a clear plan for how you will present the business model, what the value proposition to the investor might be and a franchise marketing system that will hit the market with a pop.  Some of the best new franchise launches that we’ve been a part of include companies such as Mosquito Terminators (www.MosquitoTerminators.com), Creamistry (www.Creamistry.com) and Flower Tent (www.FlowerTent.com).  Each of these brands approached the market differently, but all had significant growth and strong results from their franchise marketing efforts.  Mosquito Terminators focused entirely on internet lead generation primarily through portals and online lead gen platforms.  The brand sold 180 franchises in the first two years of marketing and had what anyone would call a fantastic launch.  Creamistry launched their franchise brand with a really significant showing at the Anaheim, California show with a replica ice cream shop as a booth and a prime placement at the IFA convention.  This show alone helped the brand sell the first 20 franchises and today, the system has sold over 300 units after only three years of franchising.  Flower Tent focused their marketing efforts locally and organically by leveraging suppliers, existing franchisees and current relationships the system was able to promote internally and get established quickly.  Today, after five years of franchising, the Flower Tent brand has in excess of 120 franchises.

Whatever your brand or your approach to the market, you need to have a good plan in place for both your consumer marketing and your franchise marketing system.  The budget needs to be there, the plan for execution needs to be in place and your willingness to keep yourself accountable needs to be intact.  Franchising works, it just takes execution to get the system moving.

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