February 14, 2016

Franchise Expo South: Houston

Franchise Marketing Systems exhibited at the Houston Franchise expo on 2/11 – 2/13 in addition to conducting several workshops on franchising and franchise management.  The show had consistent traffic from the time the Reliant NRG Center opened its doors to the end of the event on Saturday. 

Franchise Marketing Systems clients who exhibited at the show included Bruster’s Ice Cream, Restoration 1, Glowzone, Kanga’s, DRNK Coffee, Entrepreneur Source and Seal Team One.  This was the first franchise marketing event for both Glowzone and Seal Team One.

2016 has started off to be a tumultuous year for the overall economy which has been driven in particular by the fluctuation in the oil market.  This would be even more evident in the Houston, Texas market which is heavily impacted by the oil and gas industry. 

Even with what seems to be a rock start to the year, Houston was lively with franchise excitement and the tradeshow attendance exceeded 10,000 participants.  Over 250 franchisors had booths at the show including Franchise Marketing Systems.

Christopher Conner conducted two workshops, one on Franchise Management Systems and Franchise infrastructure related to how best to support franchisees in a growing network and the second on How to Choose the Right Franchisor, presented to a group of franchisees researching the right franchise choice for them.  Tom DuFore presented on How to Sell your First Franchise to a workshop at the convention. 

MFV, the managing organization for the show managed the event well and promoted heavily to draw interest in the Franchise Expo South.  The show was a success and now New York presents the next opportunity for the group at the International Franchise Expo.

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