November 17, 2010

Franchise Marketing Systems



Franchise Marketing Systems

The Franchise Marketing Systems model was created after the leadership team spent years in the franchise development field and recognized that there was a significant need in the new franchisor niche.  There were many qualified franchise consulting companies and franchise consultants who provided direction, support, guidance and support creating the strategy, legal documents, operations manuals and marketing documents needed for a franchise to go to market, but very few who would provide the actual sales and support needed to recruit and sell the first franchise units for a new brand.

Franchise Marketing Systems was designed to do just this, offer a brand the needed consulting and guidance to become a franchise and the support to sell the first franchises.  Chris Conner had experience in the development field and could leverage this, he had to learn franchise sales.  The concept was simple, Franchise Marketing Systems becomes a strategic partner to these new franchise brands and helps with every element of the roll out.  With a performance-based model, everyone wins when the brand grows and there is much less risk to the company franchising their business.

When Franchise Marketing Systems started in 2009, it was at the peak of the global recession and the franchise market was on its heels like most industries at the time.  Possibly, what had created a window of hope for the business is the unique element of the franchise market where when times are tough, people lose jobs and turn to franchising as an alternative.  Even then, the market was very thin and for the most part, very few brands were considering expansion.  They were on the contrary looking for ways to survive and make it through to the next year even.  The Franchise Marketing Systems team was comprised of Chris Conner, who worked from a home office and was offering a lower cost alternative to others in the franchise development industry.  With a few years of grinding out the initial ramp up of the company, several team members had joined.  His late father, James Conner, a friend, Alan George who had experience in Franchise Territory Planning and an experienced franchise consultant in David Oakley who had recently sold his master franchise in JanPro.  The model was showing signs of working, but like any new business it was an uphill climb to get momentum.

The turning point came in 2013, when several of the early brands that Franchise Marketing Systems had brought to market began to hit critical mass.  A senior care brand, a restoration services franchise, a retail franchise and a fundraising franchise all began to open units consistently and each eventually broke the 100 unit mark as a franchise.  This validation and proof of the model happened and with that the business began to flourish.  Today, Franchise Marketing Systems has a team of 26 franchise consultants across the U.S. and Canada and has worked with almost 300 franchise brands who in turn have sold over 4,000 units.  Still a niche, boutique franchise consulting firm, but great results for start up franchise brands.

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