October 27, 2019

Get Ready for The Pirate Mike’s Franchise!

Get Ready for The Pirate Mike’s Franchise!

Set sail to the latest sensation to hit the restaurant scene: Pirate Mike’s! Deliciousness takes main stage within a menu of international variety, all happening right here in the U.S. Beginning as Mermaid Spice in 1985, the Pirate Mike’s venture has evolved over the years to become Florida’s favorite go-to spot. Founded by Mike Assad, Pirate Mike’s is the culmination of his upbringing and experiences, ultimately embodying the spirit of international cuisine. Pirate Mike’s is franchising, so keep a look out for the latest location nearby!

The Pirate Mike’s Franchise Systems and brand name has long since been present online, sharing its exquisite flavorful spices and sauces through their website. Customers are now experiencing the popular Pirate Mike’s products through expert chefs and dialed-in recipes. All the food at Pirate Mike’s is 100% vegan, with carefully sourced ingredients. The entire Pirate Mike’s staff is prepped for exceptional customer service, top-tier tastes, and unparalleled atmosphere, which ultimately culminates into a dedication to service and a passion for food that beckons customers back again and again.

Visitors can expect to find a fun, casual environment that is welcoming to a variety of gatherings. The menu and product offerings are designed to display the rich history and culture of Pirate Mike’s since its founding in the 80s. A vast selection of menu items allows for customers of all backgrounds and tastes to enjoy a new authentic flavor each time they visit. Families can pop in for a quick dinner or friends can stop in for lunch. Pirate Mike’s strives to deliver amazing service for an affordable price for all.

The atmosphere at Pirate Mike’s is warm and welcoming, and the menu items range from $8 to $11. There are multicultural menu offerings aplenty, which means there is always something for everyone at Pirate Mike’s, including Jerusalem Couscous, French Couscous, Turkish Orzo, Veggie Burgers, Sicilian Gnocchi, Veggie Croquettes, Rice Blends & Medleys, Poppers and Churros. These dishes are authentic and delicious, all served within an environment that is efficient, fun, and relaxing.

Pirate Mike’s is calling motivated leaders who want to carry the Pirate Mike’s name throughout the nation. An exceptional business model, a multicultural food concept, and plenty of dialed-in recipes all give this franchise offering a certainty that is hard to find. The company is expanding by offering this easy-to-operate franchise to interested and qualified candidates. The brand is focused on owner/operators who want to invest, own, operate, and LOVE the Pirate Mike’s brand and philosophy. For more information on this opportunity, please visit their website at http://piratemikesfranchise.com


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