November 13, 2019

Goshenite Seniors Services Launches Franchise Opportunity!

Goshenite Seniors Services Launches Franchise Opportunity!

It’s common knowledge that the Baby Boomer generation is approaching their golden years. This population hails as the largest living adult generation, projected to surpass the number of children by the year 2030 for the very first time; this means that 1 in 5 of every resident will be at retirement age. With aging comes various needs. The need to downsize. The need to reorganize finances. The list goes on and on. Goshenite Seniors Services has developed a way to aid the aging populous that includes services that any senior citizen can utilize. 

In 2015, founder Nicole Blais started Goshenite Seniors Services in order to simplify the decision-making process and educate all clients about the options available to them in their community during the transition process. The company offers a variety of services that have been carefully molded around the unique needs of the senior generation, including concierge services, driving services, estate and liquidation sales, and move management. Every aspect of Goshenite Seniors Services aims to alleviate the stresses that may otherwise surface during these transitional times. The Driving Seniors program continues to aid clients before or after a transitional move, keeping mobility and freedom around for as long as possible.

Goshenite Seniors Services fills a void in the lives of the aging generation. The staggering numbers of the population alone testifies to the fact that Goshenite properly and completely satisfies a large market’s need. Sprawling applicability for Goshenite Seniors Services makes the company an excellent choice for those hoping to venture into business ownership; this is a rewarding opportunity that offers a varying day-to-day schedule that makes a difference in the lives of others. The Goshenite Senior Care model has successfully brought highly-rated and in-demand services to various markets across Canada, beginning in Ontario and has unlimited potential around the globe.

Professionalism, credibility, and integrity are all encompassed within the Goshenite Seniors Services model. Franchise buyers who have a passion to help others, have excellent organizational skills, and meet the initial financial requirements would make a great fit for the Goshenite team. The franchise fee is $30K, being incorporated into an average estimated initial investment of $87K. The business is operated from an in-home office, offers an exclusive territory, and has several support services for franchisees.

Goshenite Seniors Services boasts an excellent reputation that has been built over the years under the extremely capable leadership of Nicole and her team. The company is beckoning those who want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting franchise expansion. For more information on this franchise offering, please visit the Goshenite Seniors Services franchise webpage at

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