March 12, 2018

HERO Home Inspections Orlando: Julia Grandt

HERO Home Inspections opens up Orlando Florida.

HERO Home Inspections is a top rated service that has been helping homeowners detect faults and defects for close to a decade. The company was voted best home inspection company in the Orlando area.

The company uses the latest technology such as thermal imaging cameras, drones, and underground sewer scope to detect problems that other home inspectors would miss. The home inspection service comes with a 100-day warranty.

HERO Home Inspections has certified home inspectors that adhere to the highest industry standards. They are licensed in Florida and abide by standards set by FABI (Florida Association of building inspectors) as well as NACHI’s code of ethics and standards of practice. FABI stipulates the standards for fee paid home inspectors have to abide by to deliver the highest quality of service.
Julia Grandt runs the HERO Home Inspections business in Orlando, Florida. She has a background working for customer service under a fortune 20 company. Her family has had interests in engineering and construction. Having known HERO Home Inspections owner Greg Fowler and having seen the success of the business in South Florida, she decided to take the opportunity to buy the Orlando branch of the company.
Julia has extensive experience in customer service. She loves to work with people from different backgrounds, which she attributes to the time she spent in her youth traveling to different countries and meeting people from different cultures. She intends to use her extensive customer service expertise and to provide professional technical knowledge in this field.
Assessment and Reports
After every inspection HERO Home Inspections will present a 35 to 45 page report to the client. This report includes pictures for documentation as well as remarks on the state of different the structures and systems in your home.
In order to provide an accurate assessment of the problem, HERO Home Inspections the latest technology to pinpoint issues within your home. The client’s report will include bird’s eye view images of your roof taken by drones which can provide better visuals from multiple angles. An underground sewer scope can take photos of sewer lines and detect obstructions and cracks.
Additionally, a certified home inspector has the expertise needed to use thermal imaging drones and translate the data so as to identify heating and air conditioning system issues within your home. Other services include indoor air quality testing, water quality testing, and evaluation of moisture intrusion within the home.

When you hire other home inspection companies, the service ends as soon as the inspection is complete. With HERO Home Inspections you will get a 100-day guarantee at no extra cost for every inspection. Some of the warranties include MoldSafe, Platinum Roof Protection Plan, MoldSafe, and SewerGard. The warranty covers plumbing, HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, amongst others. You can apply online through the company’s website to get an extended six months warranty.
HERO Home Inspectors continues to serve clients within Southern Florida and Surrounding areas. The company continues to deliver as is evident in the top rated reviews on platforms Angie’s List, BBB, and Yelp.

For more information on the HERO Home Inspection business model and service offerings, visit the corporate site:  HERO Home Inspection Website
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