June 3, 2010

How To Franchise a Business

How to franchise – strategic planning, documentation and management of franchise systems
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Imagine opening 20 new business locations without having to foot the bill for real estate, equipment and development costs or taking any risk even more, thought by managers to run each of these areas, only to grow as your company committed, and you do not need them to pay penny finally, imagine that hiring managers, fire management and employees, and also foot the bill for all operating costs and expenses. Hollywood round pick? If you are still planning to enter the franchise industry, one of the fastest ways to grow small business without breaking the bank. For many companies, business score (or License) is a rational way to achieve rapid growth, profit, without sacrificing any control or ownership to go from one point to a dozen in two years or 1200 and may be documented , because a franchise, invest all investments, shoulders the risk assumed responsibility for operating all day. This format, using OPM – other people’s money to be. Also, the company franchise rights is beautiful secrets for training others how to run their business is: First, there are more, friend “” or franchise fees from $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 amount method of operation for the brand. In addition, as royalty from 5% to 10% of gross sales for ongoing consulting advice there. In principle, franchise development program allows the company to leave the trenches and very generally, payment is supervising soldiers. Also an attractive option in the long run. Empire and the rest to make, or permit voting by the company purchased a number of large companies look small, but growing franchise companies according to the International Suffrage Association, 900 new companies have franchised 3 years is. Enter the company intends to franchise the business must understand that his business into new, different services (education and support) to entirely new customers (business owner operator), this new business requires different skills, abilities and expertise. ‘Franchise to new business, it is important to develop effective documents, assessment, training, education and counseling skills. Since these new skills rarely present in the existing franchise outside expert for training existing staff transferring to the program. The first step involves determining if the business can franchise, and if so, what should be developed. Later, the franchise plans to create a strategic plan is “necessary for successful development efforts. Experience shows, just like buildings, Human Development will be continued at the beginning of the consequences affecting the relative success (or failure) of the total project to create. Legal (franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements), operational documents (operation manual franchise, franchise training programs) and finally prepared the draft and the right to vote is required to process about 14 countries, based on years of state (), the company sells franchises. These steps are discussed below. possible points necessary step before any franchise development program is ongoing decay and analysis of the concept and business model. whether the concept of a fixed market enough? How to profit from rising or media owned? points solve existing problems, they only strengthened – and usually right Rate serious investors. score as the control method to raise capital, expand business, because of existing problems, or ways to get rich quickly there should be enough profitable business model, to so that the royalty payments and other investors can franchise with enough space to keep. analyzing franchise feasibility, measurement is made: (a) If the idea of licensing or Points development should be pursued, postponed or abandoned, and (b) assuming a positive result (), what should complete the program or the first franchise developed. In addition to determining if and when business can franchise, action should also include providing guidance and direction as far as the land that may be performed by existing personnel. This has been proven highly effective approach that significantly reduces the development costs vote. If the feasibility analysis is positive, step after other issues are discussed below. my 2008 franchise industry experience allows me to share important views on the feasibility studies vote. too many companies jump right to vote without doing a feasibility study, or if he is a counselor by the franchise or group that says good news for all – all their franchise, “is we can. “overwhelming majority of feasibility studies as well as my franchise areas that need attention before the franchise logic or his clients forget about the other options can recognize. strategic franchise development program Planning a successful franchise program begins with a solid program – based score. In the long term goal is to create balance, integrated, successful business relationships with qualified individuals who support the objectives of the company files. Create the need for continuous A comprehensive strategy to adopt with all aspects of franchise. starting point is detailed analysis covers: (1) identify those characteristics profile for a particular business as the best choice (2) competitive position franchise stand out from other franchise companies and 3000 + (3) geographic range – where and when rates will be for sale (4) analysis of organizational strengths and weaknesses of the company than points ( 5) recognition of appropriate franchise organizational structure as well as the required work and responsibility, and (6) to create a franchise relationship for a balanced, win win scenario. What needs to emerge from this detailed analysis of a specific strategic plan for directed effort franchise nearly finished. Despite the importance of long-term planning phase points, too many are emerging companies into the franchise with no points or Plan Design – other than “trying to come many the rates to sell. “rush them through (or ignored entirely) strategic planning process, so in the future franchise litigation landmines that franchise ticking lawsuit waiting to happen gives. Often, this is because they only exploit the franchise advisory services or franchise attorney, in which little or no attention to strategic planning, operational and organizational issues can be addressed. Usually, this draft Company “standard” franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements and franchise training activities based on questionnaires completed by your customer is, whether all strategic decisions is estimated. franchise documents are presented, along with factors and circumstances – hardly the ingredients for a successful franchise business is new. franchise record level if the company doing good work in the planning stage by priority, Gates franchise record will be clear. exclusive intellectual property (such as operating techniques, customer information, order, formulas and methods) should be identified and is protected. trade secret protection plan is developed and run. name, logo and tag lines registered In the past, should signs of trademarks or service marks. franchise operations franchise operations manuals and training programs developed guidance, often nothing, to teach business skills as well as operating owner of uniform products and services that will ensure. franchise operations manual and training curriculum to the specific formula. Some issues, policy chapter to find help for a chain of company owned, for example, completely inappropriate in the circumstances Environment franchise, creating significant responsibility (petition) for distribution franchise issues I constantly find activity guides franchise by franchise consultants and draft it yourself manually or connections kitscontaining chapter or topic. I do not know where the bullets come from voting lawsuit, they blindly forward through the “standard” directory in which most (not all) of the “burger” on their “refunds the tax.” aspects of support franchise relationship should be considered more carefully, reflect the structure of franchise operations manuals. writes: the decision to franchise operations manual is a relatively easy question to answer many companies still franchise Also new to trap you fall. mistaken by new business from the score, with its legal obligations, franchise operations manuals, training programs, etc. are decided “to a responsible representative”, the consultant Votes are usually expensive, production operations manual and sometimes even legal documents. ignore the law without a license and practice in legal documents, using someone to write your franchise operations manual, which knows absolutely nothing about business and your work, a sense of time? best practice, developed over nearly three decades of writing, editing, I reviewed hundreds of franchise operations manuals based on common sense to the real experts “in the business for you write operations manual. And a specialist? This is usually the founder of the business, or a handful of personnel management know the business inside and outside is that the right to vote outside expert should be involved in the process, but must plan and capability limited change – helps to develop the overall table of contents, provide examples of writing style technicques, then review it after each season, styled by you or your management team approach to produce a professional and easy to use franchise operations manual update. Also the most efficient possible use of resources and talent, and finally franchise disclosure documents and only after all these done, franchise disclosure documents, such as securities (shares offered) brochure, prepared by consultant franchise registration Saleh, with various regulatory authorities to federal and state laws applicable in this document can be thousands of discrete exposure to the 20-3 season are attached, and of course must be prepared by the prosecution contained “D franchise. done right These things look fair and balanced can help keep the company out of the other halls. In addition, a process of concessions Points needed all be released or sold in the 14 or so states that required franchise. As one writer Company, to audit the documents are not only affordable – its contradictions can also prevent franchise franchise company legal traps in the future (see discussion below) plague. Recommendation Twenty-eight of my experience has shown that a company obtain a franchise to start is good, heavy emphasis should be on strategic planning franchise franchise relationship management in the future as specified above is given is. Then, before the franchise began planning, management training needs, how to work effectively franchise organization. at least that the following programs must be in place before the start of franchise marketing efforts: 1. the right to vote lead to processing system (Sayed): two key considerations for all corporate franchise franchise engaged in marketing precision screening of the candidates to adopt the franchise right media plan, program and budget. Only cream product should not be allowed to join franchise network. candidates withdrew at the entrance much easier than waiting for inevitable problems will happen next. The question of the franchise network owners the right to vote issue problem (which usually ripen future claims) show to lack of planning and attention to this concept is relatively simple. Considering the limited risk of personal responsibility inherent in the rating, the company has ignored this important period, or those who use brokers franchise, just looking for trouble. efforts franchise marketing before, this company should franchise lead someone to adopt processing system that includes key members of the teacher: (1) the right to adopt the right organizational structure, (2) startup feature profile potential franchise owners, ( 3) developing effective interviewing techniques, marketing materials, lists methods: (4) through a series of tests and other methods to ensure that suitable candidates before joining the franchise network (5) diagnosis ( and then avoid disqualified) red flags that franchise fees and marketing cycle (6) to take appropriate media design, planning and budget 2.. legal compliance program (Sayed use) can score If the media do not adapt or misleading occurs when the franchise is sold for the first claim. more risk legal franchise centers around what happens during the marketing cycle : 23 open season franchise disclosure document, and who said what and when.’s claim to support all of the franchise, no one frivolous, can be high. companies involved in litigation and the franchise Rate are shocked to discover that they trap that swallows time and money without limit fell. claim or defense costs, even “small claims” can quickly Rate $ 100,000, exceed. exposure exposure can be applied to millions. Although one study franchise disclosure document shows 27 percent of companies have the right to vote on franchise lawsuits (slightly more than 1 to 4), the percentage of very real and probably north of 50 percent. This is because litigation just waiting for a final ruling should discover franchise disclosure documents. most cases, franchise litigation, and other cases in litigation now resolved, so they just have franchise disclosure document to capture the moment to resolve them. then disappear without trace. and a chance to get complaint claims franchise franchise legal fight change more than 1 or 2 in 1 in 4, wants to get into trouble, takes up valuable time stressful? this almost impossible to avoid responsibility for franchise potential, but the actual program of education and training to do marketing and middle management and executive franchise. complex disclosure compliance program that determined the rules and expectations (including legal provisions to sell the right to vote), director of franchise disclosure documents and information on all publications is essential. He is also one of the best investment company franchise always do. For all the above reasons, the use of franchise brokers is definitely not recommended. their statements (or other actions) made “Close Encounters” will become a franchise organization (and the personal assets of its agents) responsible for violations federal or state franchise. This also explains why the overwhelming majority of successful organizations in defining their franchise home franchise marketing efforts so that during the franchise marketing cycle had. said As part of the sale could franchise control system (SM) has been monitored. 3. franchise sales system (Sayed) points of sale control the second half of the total equation is followed. Although the legislation required to create and expectations, franchise sales control mechanism to identify gaps and inconsistencies is. When discovered, the body can detect and repair damage to the franchise. franchise sales system should consider this, and types of feedback mechanisms to monitor performance and retrieve data for administrative review is designed to include. This not only increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts in franchise – also greatly reduces the possibility that sellers will make way deviate by selling franchises. Finally, the franchise sales control systems designed to collect accept file created for each sale for commercial franchise record as evidence in the case of controversial franchise in the future. also meet the statutory requirements of various countries to keep companies franchise a full range of books, records, accounts, sales of the franchise. Because the risk of legal costs in the franchise marketing franchise menstrual , franchise sales and a comprehensive system to defend society against the best livestock from lawsuits is voting 4.. The right to vote with management: as franchises are sold, lines of communication between the parties will influence the success or failure to create an ongoing franchise relationship. Network Control is the process described above is the first important step. Once inside the franchise network, franchise owners understand they need to train members of dependent system, the media, all works better in the network. early development of advertising for this franchise for feedback and communication system, implement a positive attitude, new ideas to encourage franchise owners to ensure payment of royalties during the franchise relationship and prevent problem was created. © 1982-2008, Kevin B. Murphy, BA, MBA, law – all rights reserved For more information, the foundation of the franchise’s website.


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