November 19, 2019

How to Operate as a Franchisor 

How to Operate as a Franchisor 

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Cuba early in 2019 for a franchise conference.  The time spent there was so interesting and got my wheels turning thinking about how a country can go into revolution and the long term implications of a country run by a dictator like Cuba has been.  It seems to be the same kind of story in markets around the world, a revolutionary leads the people to overthrow a corrupt government.  When they succeed, what was originally a good purpose with solid intent turns into a nightmare and all of the good things that lead the revolt seem to ironically be even worse under the new dictator.  Nigeria, Venezuela and many others have the same blueprint.  It seems that the skill set needed to be effective in executing a revolution and leading a country are different things and require different resumes.  

It reminded me of franchising and how the concept of franchising a business works.  It takes some innovative, aggressive and forward-thinking people to launch, establish and create a successful franchise platform.  In some ways, the successful entrepreneurs who I’ve worked with have been like revolutionaries, they stand defiantly against the industry norms and pave their own path with fight and determination.  To many, they seem almost crazy because they push forward without hesitation and have such laser focus on the end goal of franchise development success.  

When there is success and the brand hits 20, 30 or 50 units, the job responsibilities of the franchise shift and the franchisor now needs to manage the “country”.  Here is where the smart leadership does a self-evaluation and makes decisions that are not ego-based on how best to move the franchise forward.   Think of George Washington, he could have chosen to be like Fidel Castro, but he decided to put others in positions and a structure that would support stability and growth and ultimately what would become the United States of America.  When you franchise your business, you are opening up your brand to more people and more opportunity, but with that comes the burden of creating an environment where all involved have opportunity and continue to see value in being involved with the brand.  

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