November 25, 2013

Indigo Marketing and Sales Solutions License Opportunity

PRLog (Press Release)Nov. 25, 2013ST. LOUISIndigo Marketing & Sales Solutions is a Sales & Marketing company that specializes in simplifying the business landscape by providing solutions such as Local City Coupon Sites, Daily Deals, Night Life Marketing, Social Media Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Management, Email Marketing, Website Development, Mobile App Development, Print Solutions, Content Marketing, Blog Design and Development, and Business Consulting.

We utilize the latest technology & marketing ideas to help businesses of all sizes. Our cutting edge products & solutions allow you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Indigo Marketing & Sales Solutions is the brainchild of Alan Strong and Kristi Soener. They have been business partners for over 8 years and enjoy the everyday challenges of a successful startup. From retail to real estate and everything in between they have the know-how and ability to help a business owner like you grow and maximize profitability.

“We have found the most talented people to help us on this journey.” states Kristi Soener, President.

The team is a well-diversified mix of the best tech minds, business savvy, creative marketing and fun team members you will find.

The Opportunity.
It’s Your Time!

“It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

Our experience in the market place shows that most businesses spend about 10 percent of their gross sales on advertising and marketing. For example, a small business that makes 300,000 dollars in sales will spend roughly 30,000 dollars on the same types of services that you will provide. Now you will offer over 20 different services at very affordable rates. Your clients will love the professionalism of working with a one-stop professional that provides superior service and track-able bottom line results for their business.

Our Clients.

Every Business is a Potential Client. Every place you call on the phone or in person from:

Auto Dealers, Repair Shops, Banks, Mortgage Companies, Doctors, Dentists, Medical Firms, Furniture Stores, Gift Shops, Government/Non-

Profit Organizations, Grocery Stores, Bakeries, Home Builders, Appraisers, CPA’s, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Consulting Firms, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Retailers, Dry Cleaners, Schools, Churches, Athletic Departments and more.

Think about this awesome opportunity right in your own backyard!

The Vision.

The Current Market Vision:

1.          Businesses owners are looking for affordable marketing options.

2.         Business owners choose to deal with Indigo rather than multiple firms.

3.          Business owners need our expertise to make great business decisions.

4.         Business owners prefer working with local professionals.

5.          Business owners love our solutions and great results.

Become the Vision:

1.          You provide affordable prices to businesses using our solutions.

2.         You act as a one-stop advertising and marketing company for your clients.

3.          You will offer fast results and measurable solutions.

4.         You create and run the business the way you want.

5.          You have access to the latest cutting edge technology.

The Demand for a New Vision and You:

1.          81% of businesses say high cost is the number one reason they do not have an Advertising/PR firm on retainer.

2.         83% of business owners indicated that increasing their sales through more effective advertising and marketing was their number one business priority.

3.          87% of business owners surveyed said they would prefer to deal with one trusted marketing company rather than deal with multiple companies.

4.         90% of business owners are motivated to find a true sales & marketing company.

5.          100% of our combined passion will make this the right decision.

Available Markets

Indigo Marketing is actively seeking qualified owner operators in Specific Markets across the U.S.

    Key Growth Areas (Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Houston & LA
Limited Multi-Territory Opportunities Also Available in other areas.

Contact Indigo Marketing and Sales Solution today to discover more about the Opportunity.

Call 1-800-467-1801 to speak directly to our CEO Alan D. Strong

The Investment.

Indigo Marketing and Sales Solutions provides high demand Marketing and Advertising Solutions to businesses in need of effective modern approaches to obtaining customers.

In addition to the well-defined operating concept, there are other key points to consider when purchasing a Territory for your own Indigo Marketing and Sales Solutions:

·       Strong & Profitable Operating Prototype

·       Low Startup Costs

·       Easy to Follow Road Map for your Success

·       Financing Options Available

·       Prior Military & Recent College Graduate Ownership Programs

·       Detailed Operational Structure

·       Focus on Small to Medium Sized Businesses

·       Exclusive Territories

·       Experienced Managers/Owners

Our proven successful business model is designed to maximize your return on investment.  The cost of owning and operating your own business varies by location.

Our Support.

Aside from being a proven successful business model with an easy start-up, here are some more reasons why owning an Indigo Marketing Business is the perfect decision for you!

Joining the Indigo team gives you the great opportunity to own your own business, within a proven business model with a low investment, simple operations, a professional training program, ongoing learning for our owners and their staff, and much, much more.

We teach owners how to operate the business from the ground up and provide them the tools and experience necessary to gain a quick return on investment.

– Innovative Training

– Ongoing Assistance

– Back End Support & Client Management Systems

– Leads & Referrals

– Professional Staff with product specific knowledge

– Access to CEO & President

For more information check us out online at or call us directly at 1-877-467-1801.

Alan D Strong
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