March 28, 2021

Invest in a Time-Tested Model with New Orleans Creole Cookery

For those with a passion for the culinary arts, breaking into the restaurant industry is the holy grail of accomplishments. In this highly competitive market, a concept must be timeless and unique. New Orleans Creole Cookery is just that and more. The company has made a name for itself with the French Quarter of New Orleans, just a few blocks from the river.

When it comes to a perfected atmosphere seamlessly combined with authentic Creole tastes, Creole Cookery hits the mark. The concept is a stand out in the market due to its traditional tastes that have been infused with new generational energy. Founded by two chefs, AJ and Anna Tusa, the restaurant was built not only on adept business know-how but on a menu bursting with flavor and uniqueness that’s rarely found in any other franchises in the nation.

New Orleans Creole Cookery differentiates itself within the highly competitive restaurant space through its character and authentic experience. Located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Creole Cookery is truly a taste of a different time. Fresh seafood on the menu includes oysters, crawfish, shrimp, redfish, and more. Seafood can be a highly variegated segment within the industry with price variations — Creole Cookery has expertly dialed in the offering to stand out amidst the competition.

The brand is seeking entrepreneurial-minded individuals to invest in their concept and become part of the cohesive, team-driven franchise network. Not only do franchisees gain a solidified menu, but a leadership team with two highly experienced professional chefs at the head. Anna and AJ, as well as the rest of the franchise support team, bring incredible business acumen to the support, ongoing support includes guidance with administrative procedures, operational systems, vendor relationships, and hiring parameters.

With the ability to flex to the times, New Orleans Creole Cookery is a timeless business model with plenty of opportunity for growth. Holding its own in a New Orleans district teeming with competition, Creole Cookery has proven its value and its stamina. To find out more about New Orleans Creole Cookery, visit their franchise webpage at

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