August 3, 2022
JDI Handyman Services – A Strong Handyman Services Franchise

JDI Handyman Services – A Strong Handyman Services Franchise

Investing in any industry requires an in-depth assessment of available revenue streams and potential cash flow risks, among other crucial aspects that impact the future of the business. Do you want to step into a billion-dollar industry without enduring the hardship of ownership? JDI Handyman Services is your answer. We offer a proven franchise system and continuous support throughout the lifespan of the venture, ensuring you run a successful business that gives you instant cash flow. With nearly three decades in the industry, we have designed a highly adaptable and flexible handyman franchise platform for a strong potential return on investment (ROI).

Please take advantage of this opportunity to leverage our extensive industry expertise as you venture into one of the fastest-growing industries. Since we started JDI in the ‘90s, our goal has been to provide exceptional property maintenance and handyman services. We are looking for home improvement savvy individuals with the same passion and strong customer service skills. When you franchise with us, you are stepping into a service-based model based on top-notch artistry, reliability, and customer satisfaction. You can leverage this to grow your business by tapping into the vast customer base, building traction for your exclusive location.

We want to make business ownership stress-free and profitable. Our franchise system covers all the bases, such as troubleshooting issues, payment systems, service procedures, and customer acquisition. When you choose JDI Handyman Services, you choose a highly profitable model and multifaceted service list, allowing you to scale your business while taking advantage of income-generating channels. With our team of professionals by your side, you can start your business on the right foot. From our effective client acquisition techniques to proven operational processes, our franchise support team has your back at every step.

Operational Support to Manage and Execute your Handyman Services Franchise

For a business to run effectively, it needs ongoing training and support in many areas. Some areas we focus on our support include unit operations, customer service techniques, maintenance, pricing guidelines, administrative procedures, and product ordering. If you want to start a handyman service in your area, it is crucial to ensure your operations run seamlessly to avoid wasting time and resources. If your franchise is with us, this is not a concern because we provide continuous support to streamline operations for maximum profit.

Our many years in the home improvement industry have allowed us to provide targeted support across all the crucial areas that impact operations and workflow. Our proven model ensures your operations run smoothly without compromising available and potential revenue streams. Our franchise system alleviates the expensive trial-and-error process that most startups undergo, searching for a model that aligns with their business structure.

Marketing and Lead Generation Support for Handyman Services

JDI Handyman Services offers prospective franchisees proven strategies for better market penetration, including setting up your preferred vendor status with local home improvement stores and international giants like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Leverage our network-wide advertising campaigns and established brand recognition, ensuring you penetrate the market and tap into the vastly-growing client base. With nearly 50% of startups closing within the first five years, we provide you with everything you need to break. Take advantage of our experienced marketing support team to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, and watch as your profits sky-rocket.

Ongoing Business Development and Management for your Handyman Services Franchise

We provide continued research methods and techniques to enhance unit-level profitability and ensure everything is running at optimal capacity. Our goal is to focus on the essential aspects of the business that impact growth and continue to improve them regularly. We believe continuous support is vital for franchise success, alleviating obstacles that hinder you from achieving success and turning a profit. Our experienced support team addresses any inquiries and issues compromising workflow efficiency so that you can take on more responsibility. Ongoing support is an excellent way for our team to integrate the business model successfully, creating a loyal customer base and a significant return on investment (ROI).

Advantages of Franchising with JDI Handyman Services

We want to get to know you and vice versa for a fun and conducive working environment. Our team will make a successful venture with the best in the business by your side. When you franchise with JDI Handyman Services, we do all the heavy lifting from continuous research and development to marketing, giving you the upper hand against the competition. You can rely on our team of experts for pertinent industry information, strategies, and trends to help you break through the industry faster.

Franchising can be a lucrative venture with numerous income opportunities, and that’s exactly what you get when you become part of the JDI Handyman Services fraternity. Our well-structured business model contains solid revenue generation streams, which makes our franchise offering a lucrative opportunity for potential investors. Our strong belief in teamwork and cooperation between franchisor and franchisee allows you to leverage our extensive industry experience and expertise to run a successful JDI Handyman Services.

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