September 3, 2016

Mobile Services Franchise Growth

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The Beginner’s Guide to The Mobile Franchise Business

Over the last few decades, the global business sector has seen a rise in the mobile business and franchise enterprises. Almost every industry has embraced the two concepts that give high efficiency and better return on investment. From medical services to shoeshine businesses, snacks delivery businesses and online shopping, consumers can get what they need right at the door. On the other hand, the ability to localize supply for essential commodities plays a significant part towards enhancing availability. 
However, the franchise business is not without challenges, and like any new business opportunity, there is a need to look deeper into the following issues:
The geographical region
It is the most critical of all factors, as new businesses ought to define their territory, and delve into the factors that might spur the operations or derail them. There is no blueprint on how businesses should operate, as each system is likely to work in a unique way to attract clients and promote continuity. Most systems may annex the map into the contract with others making a detailed description of the region. With most of the mobile franchises being service based, issues such a relocation of loyal clients, acquisitions in different territories and advertising limits are likely to cause a hitch in the business model.
Transport facilities
The mobile franchise cannot wish away the need for an active transportation system and services. It helps bring closer products and service to the people. Most industries require the enterprises to keep their vehicles current and upgraded which means they have to replace at given intervals to maintain the professional look of the company. It calls for potential investors to look at the vehicle age requirements, as it is likely to impose significant costs during the upgrade.
Recruitment process
A vast majority of the franchise system is owner operated and family run businesses. In such instances, employees can only work directly with the proprietor of the enterprise. In other models, the company can allow the owner to employ staff and give them transport facilities to cover an extended territory. The ability to recruit staff is vital for businesses that offer services for long periods of time such as shuttle services. If the franchise territory warrants multiple operators to serve a growing demand and the system is owner operated, the company can slice the area and recruit more franchisees to maximize the sales. It is vital to understand whether the companies allow them to hire extra labor to serve the growing demand.
Potential to go get the business
Unlimited upside is one of the strong suits of this particular franchise niche, a good operator is not captive to their location like they would be with a fixed location franchise model.  The ability to go out in the field and find the work when and where they choose makes the mobile franchise concept have a strong potential for growth, even in a single unit franchise territory.  
In our time working with franchise systems and developing franchise brands, the mobile market has been one of the strongest and most innovative, it continues to bring new ideas to the franchise market every month it seems.  
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