March 24, 2010

NTC – National Tax Credit

NTC – National Tax Credit

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We offer Federal and State tax credit processing and implementation for your company. Our services will boost your bottom line by significantly reducing the amount of Federal and State income taxes your company will owe each year by ensuring the gain on the maximum available tax credits allowed by law.

There are over 3,000 tax credit programs that could impact the amount of credits you may be eligible to receive. Some tax credits such as the Research and Development Credit may ‘piggy-back’ onto others resulting in automatic eligibility into other various programs. We manage each client’s tax credit portfolio so that each program is maximized.

We have developed our own internal technology to ensure the proper implementation of each client’s tax credit opportunity. Our best-in-class technology system electronically captures essential tax credit data during the hiring process and tracks every credit throughout the verification process while screening for any additional tax credits that may be relevant.

Our Professional Team:

Identifies, applies for, processes and administers business tax credit incentives
Provides clients with a dollar-for-dollar reduction in tax liabilities
Guarantees federal and state government compliance
Makes federal and state employment credits profitable for clients
Reduces costs and eliminates financial risk with our contingency fee based program
Leverages technology with clients’ business practices for easy implementation and seamlessly integrates with HR and payroll functions

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