November 2, 2023
OddFellows Ice Cream Franchise, a Fun, Engaging and Profitable Franchise System

OddFellows Ice Cream Franchise, a Fun, Engaging and Profitable Franchise System


OddFellows’ journey from a single Brooklyn shop to a nationwide franchise empire is not just about ice cream but a commitment to quality and creativity. The secret sauce behind this expansion lies in our robust franchise system, designed to empower franchisees and maintain the brand’s distinctive charm. Let’s delve into the value of OddFellows’ franchise system and the comprehensive support we provide in key areas to ensure each franchise maintains the brand’s commitment to quality and creativity.


Training for Excellence

One of the cornerstones of OddFellows’ franchise system is our commitment to training. We understand that the success of each franchise depends on consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Once you join our franchise network, we provide comprehensive training programs for franchisees and their staff.


Franchisee Training

OddFellows offers an intensive training program to ensure franchisees fully understand the brand’s philosophy, operations, and standards. This training covers everything from ice cream production techniques to customer service best practices. It equips franchisees with the knowledge and skills they need to run a successful OddFellows ice cream shop.


Staff Training

The training continues with franchisees. We emphasize the importance of well-trained staff who can deliver the brand’s promise of exceptional ice cream and customer experiences. Franchisees receive guidance and materials to train their employees effectively, ensuring consistency across all locations.

Marketing Assistance

Marketing plays a crucial role in building brand awareness and attracting customers. At OddFellows, we understand this and offer substantial marketing support to franchisees to help them flourish in diverse local markets.


Branding and Marketing Materials

OddFellows provides franchisees access to a treasure trove of marketing materials, including branding assets, promotional materials, and advertising templates. This ensures each franchise maintains the same visual identity and messaging that defines our brand.


Local Marketing Strategies

While we provide a cohesive national marketing strategy, our experts encourage franchisees to tailor their marketing efforts to align with their communities. We offer guidance and support to develop effective local marketing strategies, helping you connect with your target audience.


Access to Signature Recipes

The heart and soul of OddFellows Ice Cream is our unique and innovative flavors. Franchisees gain access to OddFellows’ treasure trove of recipes to maintain the brand’s commitment to creativity.


Signature Flavors

Franchisees can access our signature ice cream recipes, allowing them to replicate the beloved flavors that have made the brand famous. This ensures customers enjoy the same extraordinary ice cream at any OddFellows location.


Innovation and Collaboration

While franchisees can access established recipes, OddFellows encourages innovation and collaboration. We actively invite franchisees to experiment with new flavors and contribute to the ever-evolving menu, fostering a culture of creativity within the franchise network.


Quality Control

Maintaining consistent quality is paramount for any franchise system. OddFellows takes quality control seriously and has established processes to ensure that every scoop exceeds the customer’s standards.


Supplier Relationships

We have developed strong relationships with suppliers to source the finest ingredients. OddFellows extends these relationships to franchisees, ensuring access to the same high-quality ingredients that define OddFellows’ ice cream.


Quality Audits

To uphold quality, OddFellows conducts regular quality audits at franchise locations. This helps identify areas where improvements are needed and ensures franchisees adhere to the brand’s standards.


Ongoing Support

The franchise journey doesn’t end with opening day; it’s an ongoing partnership. OddFellows provides continuous support to franchisees to help them thrive in the competitive ice cream industry.


Operational Assistance

Franchisees receive ongoing operational support, including inventory management, equipment maintenance, and cost control guidance. This ensures that the day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Franchisee Network

OddFellows fosters a sense of community among franchisees, encouraging them to share experiences and best practices. This network offers a valuable support system, allowing franchisees to learn from one another’s successes and challenges.


The benefits of a proven franchise system are manifold. We provide franchisees with a tested and refined business model, reducing the risks associated with starting a new venture from scratch significantly. This proven system encompasses everything from operational procedures to marketing strategies, offering a blueprint for success. In addition, we provide ongoing support and training, ensuring franchisees have the tools and knowledge needed to thrive.


A Scoop Above the Rest

OddFellows Ice Cream franchise system is a recipe for success. By providing comprehensive training, marketing assistance, access to signature recipes, and a strong focus on quality control, we ensure that each franchise maintains the same commitment to quality and creativity that defines the brand. As we continue to expand nationwide, the franchise system serves as the foundation for delivering extraordinary ice cream experiences to communities across the United States. It’s a sweet partnership that benefits franchisees and ice cream enthusiasts alike, making OddFellows a true scoop above the rest in franchising.


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