December 11, 2012

Protential Sports Franchise – Children’s Sports Franchise

We strive to provide an environment that encourages & strengthenswhile developing good character, by stimulating the minds of children to believe that they can achieve the ultimate and surpass the average with hard work. Let PROtential Sports provide the exercise necessary to instill an active and healthy lifestyle that your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

A Tremendous Franchise Opportunity Awaits With PROtential Sports!

A Unique Program

 PROtential Sports is not your typical after school program and summer camp. It is an extraordinary approach to developing character building skills in children through sports. By combining the words Professional and Potential the word PROtential evolved. The positive influence on a child can help he or she become a better individual. This is what PROtential means. It is our belief that all kids have professional potential and we strive to instill skills that transcend sports and will be utilized in every facet of life.

The purpose of the program is to teach valuable principles parallel to sports including discipline, listening skills, respect, teamwork, leadership, and encouragement. It does not take a great athlete to succeed here. PROtential Sports teaches life lessons through sports in practicing and exhibiting patience, honesty, perseverance, integrity, kindness, character, and sportsmanship. Children are coached on how to appreciate teammates and respect their coaches by listening and executing requests. It is not about competition, PROtential Sports is unique in that our main goal is to instill guiding values rather than focusing on the technique of a particular sport.
Many successful people often give some credit for their accomplishments to a previous coach who made a profound impact on their life. This program fosters being an influence and leaving an impression by relating to the youths. The coaching staff is made up of former high school, college, or professional athletes. They all have a passion for sports and know the value of the coach-player relationship. The kids are not the only ones impacted by this program; the coaches are positively affected by their job as well. By using former athletes, PROtential Sports is able to share actual testimonials about the path for the maximum accomplishment in any aspect of life. This becomes an opportunity for children to lean in an enriched and cultured atmosphere where their peers cheer them on and help each other through adversity.
Through character building skills and exceptional coaching PROtential Sports combines with a variety of organizations such as churches, alumni groups, and motivational speaking forums to create a trilogy of elements essential in showing children the right path. PROtential Sports is a franchise concept designed to provide children with exceptional life experience and supplemental education where sports and life in general share lessons.
Become part of a team that really matters!

The Creation of PROtential

Tony Bland, PROtential’s President and Program Coordinator, was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL. He attended Florida A&M University where he played football. Upon graduation, Tony was offered a try-out with the Minnesota Vikings. He made the team and remained with the Vikings for four seasons. During his time in the NFL Tony met his wife, Nyree, a former top-ranked North Carolina junior tennis player and active tennis pro. Following his playing career, Tony and Nyree founded PROtential Sports in 2004. Tony’s vision in starting PROtential allowed him to pursue a passion for helping children learn life skills through sports.  
Nyree, Vice President and Tennis Pro, enjoys inspiring children by encouraging them to visualize their dreams and pursue them.
PROtential Sports was initially an innovative Tampa based program that set out to design an environment for children to combine their love for sports with lessens in life. The Blands have managed to grow the organization while always keeping the message the same:
PROtential Sports brings more to the table than just improvement of athletic skills;
we aim to provide character building skill that will direct children toward a successful life.
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