November 5, 2019

Purely Natural CBD Seeks Franchisees!

Purely Natural CBD Seeks Franchisees!

The CBD Franchise industry has seen explosive growth, especially within the franchise marketplace. In many ways, CBD has the potential of coffee being that its applicability sprawls throughout the nation, proving not only useful for adults and children, but for the pet population as well. Innovative and exceptional, Purely Natural CBD, an Arkansas-based company, has worked hard to develop a concept that will be both welcoming and comfortable for a wide range of clientele, whether the person is a CBD expert or if the person has never before seen a CBD product. Based on its success, Purely Natural CBD is poised for expansion throughout the States and is seeking qualified candidates for an exciting franchise opportunity!

Franchise buyers will find the Purely Natural CBD concept to be both streamlined and simple, complemented by expert knowledge and high-tech additions. The products offered are ingestible, topical, and pet-oriented, proving useful to a variety of demographics. Customer service is one of the key differentiators for the brand, fostering customer-retailer connections, as well as establishing a sense of trust. Franchisees should be enthusiastic about helping customers and growing the business. Involvement in the CBD community will prove helpful.

Having proper support within any business venture is paramount; Purely Natural CBD has this covered! The company’s leadership team is populated with experts in a variety of industries and who have over 75 years of combined experience in manufacturing, distribution, franchising, and retail. Each franchisee will have 2 full days of comprehensive training and in-depth education on each of the Purely Natural CBD proprietary product line. Additionally, operational support and marketing guidance, as well as direction through partnerships with doctors, give Purely Natural CBD an excellent roster of support services to properly launch and operate the franchise.

Franchise buyers need to have about $23,550 in investment capital to account for marketing dollars, adequate inventory, appropriate staffing, and the best location from the very start. The franchise fee for Purely Natural CBD is $5,000, with a discounted fee being offered to those who are awarded multiple locations. Purely Natural CBD offers exclusive territories or franchisees can evolve into multi-unit ownership. Franchisees are gaining a full product line that is 100% organic and GMO-free and fully backed by verified third party lab testing. All of this will continue to grow the Purely Natural CBD brand into one of the most recognizable, highly trusted brands in the United States!

The CBD industry has continued to flourish and is projected to be a $20 billion industry by 2024! Franchisees have the opportunity to get in the CBD retail space with a trusted company full of support, knowledge, and expertise! Purely Natural CBD is seeking to stay at the forefront of the CBD Franchise industry through their proprietary product offerings and years of wisdom. To find out more information on the Purely Natural CBD franchise opportunity, visit their franchise page at


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