December 24, 2019

Restopros Franchise – Incredible Value in a Reasonable Investment


Restopros Franchise – Incredible Value in a Reasonable Investment

If you’re considering buying a franchise, one of the most important things you should base your decision on is the overall value of that franchise’s system and business model and how that directly will benefit you as the franchise investor. If the franchise doesn’t have a tried and tested model that is well-thought-out, it may not bring you the profitability you would like to acheive. The RestoPros franchise model has been carefully built up over the years. Alex Blair, founder of RestoPros, has been in the industry for decades, and he and his team have created a franchise model based on their business model and the needs of their franchisees. The result is a valuable model that serves as the launching pad for successful franchises.

A Brand People Trust 

One of the most valuable parts of being a RestoPros franchise is the name. The company brand is recognized as a trustworthy, reputable one by those in North Carolina, and as more and more franchises spread across the county, that reputation will grow. By becoming a RestoPros franchise, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything this brand brings with it from day one. There will be no need to create and grow your own brand.

Training, Systems and Support

RestoPros franchisees are given an in-depth training course to prepare them to run a business. This includes learning how to set up a business, how to develop it into a successful company, the details of operating a company (payroll, hiring, staffing, etc.), dealing with insurance and other billing necessities, and much more. In total, 48 hours of classroom training and nearly 40 hours of on-the-job training is given to every franchisee. This training is done before the franchise is opened, providing the owner with everything needed to get off on the right foot. After this is done, various additional training takes place as needed.

Marketing Tools and Business Development

No matter how great a business is, if it’s not marketed correctly, it’s not going to do well. People have to know about the business and why they should choose it over its competitors. RestoPros offers franchisees a detailed marketing strategy and kit to make this difficult task that much easier. These materials will be updated regularly, plus franchise owners can work with the RestoPros marketing team to create location-specific marketing plans and advertising materials. The company may also run national or regional promotional campaigns to help franchises grow their customer base.

The Next Steps to Launching a Restoration Franchise

These are just some of the valuable parts of a RestoPros franchise. By buying in, you can start a business with a solid foundation of training, brand recognition, and marketing. Contact RestoPros today to learn more about franchising.

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