August 30, 2021
Senior Care Franchises That You Need to be A Part Of

Senior Care Franchises That You Need to be A Part Of

As of July 2019, there were 54 million residents in the U.S. that were 65 years or older. Of those 54 million, only a fraction of them required care facilities. And after the pandemic’s affect on those care facilities, it is really no wonder why the guardians of seniors are looking at other options. Of course, if a senior is able to remain at home and stay independent, that is the best option. However, there are many seniors who cannot do that because of health, money, debt, necessary assistance, and many other reasons. This is why there has recently been a large boom in family care homes, shifting away from the traditional retirement options. 

Senior housing options usually include (1) large scale nursing retirement facilities, (2) individual or dependent retirement communities, or (3) aging in place with assisted living. But there has recently been a push towards another option, called family care homes. These homes are, for lack of a better word, awesome. They are essentially large homes which have been bought by a senior care business, and they allow for very few residents to be placed into the home together with a set of skilled nurses for 24-hour care. Using this option pulls the seniors away from the crowded nursing facilities, without compromising care. They also allow for the optional independence, giving in age-restricted retirement communities, without the politics of actually dealing with their neighbors by themselves. And finally (most importantly), the seniors are kept in a real home, they do not feel as if they are being watched over or in an unfamiliar environment—they can even decorate their rooms.

There are two particularly good senior care franchises that are implementing these family care homes. If you want to be a part of a senior care franchise, this is how you do it.

The Avendelle Difference

Avendelle Assisted Living has been under the same management since 2005, stemming from a background in nursing and home-care business. The Avendelle model for family care homes is particular, because they focus on providing smaller, more intimate settings for patients and their families while providing significant attention to their wellbeing, treatment, and emotions. Avendelle converts large residential homes into facilities that are able to house between 6-8 residents at a time. They also use a system of at least two staff members on site, to ensure that all the residents are given the attention and time that they need. 

Avendelle is recognized in the senior care industry because they are a leading innovator in senior care. Their business model proves a commitment to the individual senior but also to the family and the wellbeing of both parties. They are so committed to their ideals, that franchise owners receive foundations in business ownership, PR, local advertising campaigns, and direct and continuous interaction with management groups in the area. Further, Avendelle is there to help you in every step of the process, even before the home opens—providing you with comprehensive knowledge, training, and professional skills, all of which are necessary to achieve your goals in building a successful business franchise. Avendelle Assisted Living currently has 15 homes across North Carolina and 7 within Texas. 

The Senior Retreat Approach 

Senior Retreat opened their first family care home facility in 2015, led by an owner with a background in senior home care staffing. The Senior Retreat model of family home care is similar to that of Avendelle’s in that both companies utilize smaller, intimate settings for patients. However, Senior Retreat separates itself from Avendelle by putting more emphasis on total patient care, instead of the emotional wellbeing of the seniors. To emphasize this point, you are able to go onto their website and look at a list of renovations and updates done to each of the residential properties they own along with a bibliography of why they made the renovation. Each of their homes can house between 5-8 residents at a time, while also providing two-person support teams and an administrator 24-hours a day. 

Senior Retreat is an industry recognized name from their leadership team and methods. Their business model has a proven track record of success in this and other fields. They are seen as one of the most trustworthy brands within North Carolina and seek to be the top providers for high-quality senior care home solutions. People who choose to franchise with Senior Retreat receive a stable and hard-hitting strategy which is proven for lucrative success as well as provide seniors with substantial care. Franchisees also receive training and support before the doors open, as well as a fantastic return on investment via their business models. They currently have 3 locations across North Carolina.

The reality is that there are a wide range of different types of businesses providing services and products to seniors.  Really any business in the segment stands to benefit from the enormous growth and explosive demand from the growing senior population.  

Chris Conner

President, Franchise Marketing Systems

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