May 21, 2020

Silverback Self Defense Opens in Katy

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Silverback Self Defense

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Silverback Self Defense Opens in Katy


Katy, TX: Silverback Self Defense will now offer self-defense training, private lessons, and seminars in Katy. The new location is under the management of Michael Kinion, a US Air Force Veteran who will serve as the primary trainer in Katy. Silverback Self Defense specializes in on-site self-defense training for individuals, groups, and corporations. These training seminars can be done at home, at the office, or any other location.

Kinion’s expertise in self-defense began with his Air Force training. He served as a Tactical Air Control Party, providing direct air support for the Army. Following an injury, he moved into Aerospace Medicine. During his time in the Air Force, he trained in ju-jitsu and has begun studying Krav Maga. He will work closely with Silverback founder Robert Webre to build the Katy location.

“After training with Robert, I began to realize how little we knew about protecting ourselves in a self-defense situation,” Kinion said. “That is when I decided to dedicate my career to teaching others how to protect themselves if the situation is ever needed.”

Webre himself holds a sixth-degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do and is a certified instructor in both TaeKwon-Do and Krav Maga. Additionally, Webre is an NRA pistol instructor, certified Texas Licensed to Carry Instructor and an NRA Refuse to be a Victim instructor. He taught self-defense for years before creating Silverback Self Defense in 2017 as a vehicle to meet a demand,  bringing self-defense to the worksite and to groups and individuals seeking training.

“Silverback Self Defense is a leader in the customized on-site self-defense training business,” Webre said. “Our franchise concept focuses on corporate, group and individual self-defense training in hand to hand techniques, firearms training and personal protection products.”

Group and corporate seminars are customizable for each client. Some of the most requested seminars include basic self-defense, parking lot safety, human trafficking dangers, social media safety, active shooter response and basic pistol classes. The most popular option is the Basic Self-Defense Seminar, designed to help clients learn the basics of self-defense, become more aware of their surroundings, and avoid being a victim is taught in three phases.

Private and semi-private sessions are becoming more and more requested. Silverback Self Defense instructors are like personal trainers for self defense and work with each client to determine training goals and design a program to help them feel confident in a self-defense situation. In addition to basic self-defense, clients can be trained on anti-bullying techniques, travel safety, anti-kidnapping, fighting tactics, defending against weapons, 3rd party protection and how to better handle their firearm.

For more information about Silverback Self Defense, call 713-894-6105 or visit their website at  for franchise information visit


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