March 25, 2013

Simple Computer Repair License


  • To create a brand that simplifies computer and electronics repair for the consumer and business user. The company was founded by a consumer, for the consumer.
  • To remain relevant in the marketplace by being nimble, through additional repair services for future technology.  The Simple Computer brand will be the leaders in this market segment and customers across the U.S. will know Simple Computer Repair as the place to trust for computer and technology repair work.

Computer Repair License
The company began operations in January 2008 in Henderson, NV. by adding a Computer Repair technician to an existing business owned by Mr. Jim Brock, the company’s founder.  Simple Computer Repair started by placing a sign holder at a busy intersection stating: Computer Repair – “No Repair, No Charge”.  In a short time period, Mr. Brock realized that there was a high demand for local Computer Repair for both the consumer and small business that were not being met. 
Keys to success:
Growth – Simple Computer Repair will be expanding its network of stores over the next five years through the addition of strong license partners primarily focused in the Mountain West Region with stores in Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.
Site Location – stores will only be placed in busy shopping centers with a major retailer as an anchor tenant. Simple Computer Repair stores must meet our criteria of 250,000 people within a five-mile radius of each store.

  • Prime retail location (high visibility)
  • Vehicle wrap
  • Community Involvement-Chamber of Commerce
  • Coupon Mailers
  • Flyers, business card magnets as “leave behinds” with local businesses.
  • “Solutions Provider” and “Emergency Repair” for cellular carriers and video game stores

THINK EXPONENTIAL GROWTH:  According to government reports, sales of computer and electronic devices
Computer Service Franchise
are expected to exceed $143 billion in 2013 in the U.S. alone.
All small businesses and home offices use computers and depend on them to be working properly. Consumers and small business don’t have the skills, the time or the desire to do their own computer service, repair and upgrades, and that puts Simple Computer Repair right in the middle of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.
Market Segmentation – The computer and electronics repair industry was one of the few in the United States that weathered the economic recession of the late 2000’s fairly well. Because consumers were cutting back on spending, they were more likely to have their current computer or electronic device repaired than to purchase a new one. Nevertheless, according to research firm IBISWorld, “electronic items….will continue to generate demand for the industry, as these items generally cost less to repair than to replace.”

  • Target Market Strategy – Even though Simple Computer Repair store marketing efforts will be for both the consumer and small business, the majority of our efforts will be focused on the small business owners.

The reasons:

    • Small businesses typically don’t have an IT person, but have IT needs.
    • Business owners also have personal/home needs
    • Employee’s of the business have personal computers and electronic devices

Simple Computer Repair will continue to be NIMBLE and always prepared to move on the next market opportunity.  The core business has a focus on the small business market, as these customers typically don’t have full-time IT people, but have full-time IT needs, but the market for services and computer repair applies to literally anyone.  As we have become accustomed to in some way, the technology market changes at breakneck speeds, Simple Computer Repair will be there to handle the transitions with new services, solutions and answers.  Simple Computer Repair offers an affordable, on-demand service for these customers.  Simple Computer Repair provides full computer services for the consumer market also. We offer a very affordable and helpful service with a very flexible schedule to meet their needs.
Technology Franchise
The Simple Computer License model will be a fixed retail location providing a wide range of mobile technology repair services.  The operating model is simple in nature and operational complexity, but delivers an extremely diverse and high-end experience to the customer with great results.  Today’s consumer has become unbelievably connected and dependent on their technology and needs someone they can trust to provide services and advice when needed.  These items do break and when they do, they can be extremely expensive to replace.  The Simple Computers Repair model is designed to provide timely and convenient repair services when needed.
The locations are compact and efficient:

  • A location can be as small as 1000 to 1300 square feet.
  • We look for high traffic areas, but want to keep rents at $3,000 per month or lower to help keep the overhead low.

Services – The Simple Computer model offers free diagnosis, no repair – no charge. “Your location or ours”. By offering a free diagnosis it would induce the prospect to “check-in” the computer without a financial commitment. This also eliminates speculating on the cause and what the part, if needed, might cost.

  • Flat rate repair, $119 our location, $169 your location, plus parts if needed. Eliminates the unknown of how many hours for the hourly fee.
  • On site – on time! Schedule service calls with a time, not a window. Who doesn’t prefer a time versus a window?
  • No “geek speak”. Provide a great experience for the customers so that they will return as well as tell their friends and family.
  • No Speculation. We don’t guess the cause and repair of a computer, we know by proper diagnosis and then notify the customer as to exactly the cause and repair needed.
  • No Opinions.  We provide unbiased solutions based on facts. 
  • Advertise locally, within a five-mile area of the store. Penetrate local businesses and neighborhoods; make sure they know we are here. Eliminate costly downtime driving in cross-town traffic.
  • Simple! Simple for the employees to understand! Simple for the prospect and customer to understand which altogether provides a great experience for the customers so that they will return as well as tell their friends and family
  • No Repair, No Charge, Free Diagnosis, Flat Rate Repair and other simple approaches to the market allow the customer to feel comfortable, supported and at ease.
  • Computer Sales – Simple Computer Repair offers limited sales of refurbished and new computers in each store. Simple Computer Repair offers a trade-in program, which provides a good supply of inexpensive used parts to help salvage a repair when a customer is unable or unwilling to purchase a new more expensive part.
  • We also specialize in:
  • iPHONE  Repair
  • Video Game Console Repair

What’s Next?
Once you have decided you would like to take the next step in evaluating the Simple Computer Repair license model, contact us via phone or email.  We will go through an evaluation process with you to help you decide
Computer Repair Franchise
if this is right for you and if you are right for Simple Computer Repair….kind of like a match making experience!
There are no commitments by taking the first step, this is a process to determine if we are a good fit for one another first.
Once we have completed the initial interviews and evaluation process, we will invite you to a Discovery Day in Las Vegas – this is when you come to the corporate location and spend an afternoon with us learning about Simple Computer – the business operating procedures, the culture and the concept in general will be shared with you.  At that time, you will get the “complete picture” of Simple Computer.
Step 1:  Fill out the Evaluation Form
Step 2:  Send Evaluation Form to [email protected]
Step 3:  Arrange for an Initial Phone Consultation to “Meet the Team”
Step 4:  Arrange for a Discovery Day
Step 5:  Review License Agreement
Step 6:  Join the Team!

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