December 22, 2023
SpEGGtacular Breakfast Franchise System Goes Live

SpEGGtacular Breakfast Franchise System Goes Live

In 2015, two passionate restaurateurs, Emmanuel Goufas and Cynthia Aguilar, embarked on a culinary journey that would lead to the birth of SpEGGtacular. Situated in the vibrant city of Largo, Florida, this breakfast and brunch eatery soon became a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Fast forward to today, SpEGGtacular has expanded to three thriving Clearwater/Tampa metro locations, captivating diners’ hearts and taste buds with its high-quality full breakfast and brunch menu, extensive alcohol offerings, and distinctive Mediterranean flair.


A Delicious Beginning

Our story began when Emmanuel Goufas and Cynthia Aguilar decided to combine their culinary expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Their vision, which will become your vision, was clear: create a breakfast and brunch haven that satisfies the appetite and provides a unique and flavorful dining experience. The result is a culinary gem nestled in Largo, Florida, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sizzle of breakfast skillets fill the air today.


Mediterranean Fusion

What sets SpEGGtacular apart is our Mediterranean flair. While offering all the classic breakfast staples such as omelets, breakfast skillets, sandwiches, Benedicts, and crepes, adding Mediterranean flavors elevates every dish. From Mediterranean-inspired omelets bursting with feta cheese, olives, and herbs to crepes filled with sweet fig compote, our menu offers a tantalizing fusion of flavors that keeps customers coming back for more.


A Toast to Success

Over the years, our dedication to culinary excellence and exceptional customer service has paid off. SpEGGtacular has gained a loyal local following and become a destination for tourists seeking a memorable breakfast experience. With three thriving locations, our founders have realized their dream and created a brand that embodies the essence of breakfast indulgence.


A Proven Management Team

As an established breakfast spot, we have a well-trained management team with over thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry. Our collective wisdom and confidence in the franchise program make our offering a compelling opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. The team’s expertise in restaurant operations, marketing, and customer service ensures that each franchisee receives the support and guidance needed to thrive in the competitive restaurant business.


The Breakfast Boom

The American dining landscape has seen its fair share of changes and trends, but one segment that has experienced remarkable growth in recent years is breakfast. Consumer demand for breakfast and brunch options continues to rise, with brunch specifically enjoying a prominent place in popular industry trends. Our focus on offering a high-quality breakfast and brunch experience positions us perfectly to capitalize on this growing market.


The Franchise Opportunity

Our journey from a single location to a successful restaurant chain has paved the way for an exciting franchise opportunity. SpEGGtacular’s popularity in the Florida breakfast scene is a testament to our appeal and the potential for success in any market.


The Menu

At the heart of our franchise offering is a delectable menu. From hearty breakfast skillets to fluffy omelets and sweet crepes, our diverse menu offers something for every palate. The Mediterranean-inspired twist on traditional breakfast classics adds a unique flavor profile that differentiates us from other breakfast joints.


Proven Operating Systems

A critical factor that makes SpEGGtacular a promising franchise opportunity is our proven operating systems. With years of experience and a successful track record, our management team has fine-tuned the restaurant’s operations to ensure efficiency, quality, and consistency. Franchisees can benefit from these established systems, reducing the learning curve and increasing the chances of success.


A Recession-Resistant Model

The restaurant industry can be cyclical, but breakfast has shown remarkable resilience, particularly during economic downturns. As Americans continue to embrace dining out, breakfast and brunch remain popular choices. Our recession-resistant model offers a wide range of breakfast options, a full-service bar, and unparalleled customer service, making our brand thrive even in challenging economic times.


A Flavorful Investment

Investing in a SpEGGtacular franchise means becoming part of a brand that celebrates the joy of breakfast. With a high-quality menu, a management team with a proven track record, and a concept ideally suited to today’s dining trends, SpEGGtacular offers a distinct value proposition in the competitive restaurant industry.


Superior Support System

We are proud of our unwavering commitment to providing a top-tier support system for franchisees. With an experienced management team in the restaurant industry, franchisees benefit from invaluable guidance and expertise in all aspects of restaurant operations, from menu management to marketing strategies. Our support extends beyond the initial setup, encompassing ongoing training programs, operational assistance, and marketing support to ensure franchisees have the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in their respective markets. This dedicated and comprehensive support system is a testament to our commitment.


Emmanuel Goufas and Cynthia Aguilar’s journey from a single breakfast spot in Largo, Florida, to a thriving chain of SpEGGtacular locations in the Clearwater/Tampa metro area is a testament to their culinary vision and entrepreneurial spirit. The fusion of Mediterranean flavors with breakfast classics has created a unique dining experience that has captivated customers’ hearts and taste buds. As we open our doors to franchise opportunities, we invite entrepreneurs to join a brand that offers delicious food, a proven business model, a recession-resistant concept, and a slice of the booming breakfast industry. With SpEGGtacular, the future of breakfast is indeed looking sunny-side up.


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