December 30, 2019

The Dog House Franchise Model Offering

The Dog House Franchise Model Offering

Are you looking for a food service franchise opportunity? If you are considering the best way to realize a strong return on your investment and grow your net worth, franchising can be a fantastic vehicle to accomplish this.  The Dog House franchise could make a great investment opportunity for you! The Dog House offers a simple food service business, with a fun menu and a long track record of success – over 50 years of operations and a brand that people trust.   

Food Service Franchise Made Simple.

Researchers say that the best food businesses start with a simple menu. Many restaurants have been successful through offering a few menu items. For example, Chick Fil A began their restaurant with a simple chicken sandwich and fries. For years, that was all that the franchise made. But because they focused on creating the best chicken sandwich possible, and giving good customer service, they became very successful. The Dawg House has been successful as well, because they serve quality food and give good customer service. With a simple food plan, you will be able to create a few menu items brilliantly. 

Great Menu That’s Fun and Approachable.  

Our menu is hard to beat. Because we are The Dog House, we have a fun, dog-themed menu. Like a plain dog with a little ketchup? No problem! You should try the Puppy Dog. Would you prefer a dog with spicy mustard and sauerkraut? You might want to bite into a German Shepherd! Melted cheese, mustard, and bacon bits on your dog? Ask for an Ol’ Yallow. Our fun menu makes everything taste better.

We don’t just offer hot dogs on our menu, although we sell more hot dogs than anything else. We sell Brunswick stew, which is a local tradition beloved by many people in the Southeast. We are also known for our cheese spuds, because we make them better than anyone. We also offer a piping hot apple turnover with icing made fresh in our kitchen. Who could resist that?

Experience and Proof of Concept.  

If you want to put your money on a franchise, you want to find one with a long track record. The Dog House has been in operation since 1970, so we are closing in on 50 years in the community. That’s a lot of people who are repeat satisfied customers, and that’s a lot of hot dogs sold. We have the experience and expertise to help you grow your franchise. Why not contact us today, and let us help you make your money work for you?

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