July 26, 2020

The Ghost Kitchen Franchise is Here


The Ghost Kitchen Franchise is Here

The Local Culinary out of Miami, FL has announced the launch of a ghost kitchen franchise opportunity across the United States. The ground-breaking virtual restaurant offers delivery-only service of 50 different brands, including Chef Burger (gourmet burgers and more), Mama Roma (pastas and pizzas), Taco Loco (gourmet tacos), Shu Shu (East Asian dishes), and Chicks (all thing chicken), among others.   

All 25 brands can be run from a single kitchen, and their brands are available for order on Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub. 

With food delivery becoming more and more popular, the opportunity presented by The Local Culinary seems especially timely. For years, the Millennial Generation, the largest generational group in American history, has been widely noted for its preference for food delivery. And there’s little indication the rising Z Generation will be any different. As a result, food delivery has been described by Forbes magazine as the brightest spot in the restaurant industry. 

With the disruption caused by the coronavirus, closing dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues or with limited offerings, more and more people are opting to entertain themselves on their big screen TVs at home. That usually means ordering for delivery rather than going out for a sit-down meal.  The Ghost Kitchen model has been a hot topic recently, the Local Culinary franchise has captured the core components needed to duplicate this model through a franchise offering.    

Along with the superior convenience, food delivery services are able to offer their customers a wider variety of cuisines and brands. When a family can’t agree on burgers or tacos, food delivery offers a solution the local cantina likely can’t match. 

The Local Culinary takes advantage of this opportunity by offering a ghost kitchen franchise with practically unlimited variety to meet any appetite, all from a single kitchen. This helps keeps costs down while maximizing opportunities for income growth. 

High quality ingredients and flavorful sauces allow The Local Culinary to create gourmet brands with upscale tastes right alongside more broadly targeted brands focused on meeting the cravings of kids as well as adults. This variety allows entrepreneurs to widen their own customer base, providing unique opportunities for growth.  

The Local Culinary’s brands are: 

The Green Kitchen, offering veggie bowls and garden wraps in biodegradable packaging; 

Dirty Fingers, featuring fast food favorites such as burgers, hot dogs, fries, and wings;  

Yoko Bowl, combining the best of Asia and Hawaii; 

Pita Shop, offering Mediterranean favorites; 

Tokito, fusing burritos with sushi; 

Havana Mamas, featuring Cuban sandwiches;  

Noodle House, with Asian-inspired noodle bowls;  

Gyros, offering the classic Greek wraps;  

Hot Potato, featuring – what else? – potatoes, baked or otherwise; and 

Pizza Mania, featuring pizzas of all kinds. 


With unmatched convenience and variety, The Local Culinary ghost kitchen franchise opportunity offers the chance to take advantage of the changing economic environment and adapt to new generational realities. For the savvy businessperson, success often depends on taking advantage when opportunity strikes. 

For more information on the Local Culinary franchise, visit the corporate site:  https://www.thelocalculinary.com/

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