December 6, 2019

Unique Minds Montessori School Announces Franchise Launch!


Unique Minds Montessori School Announces Franchise Launch!

Education is one of the top priorities for many parents and caregivers across the United States and more than ever, people are investing in their children’s future. Unique Minds Montessori School, which first started as the New Millennium Montessori School, was created in 2000 by Annie and Jerry Luka to meet the needs of those seeking quality education to enhance their child’s life. Their curriculum has been utilized by over 4,000 schools across North America where they continue to lead the charge in a revitalized educational approach. The company is poised for expansion and is seeking qualified candidates for its fresh franchise launch!

When it comes to their pupils, the company has a well-rounded philosophy. Students are taught to become self-sufficient, confident, independent thinkers who are interested in the world and enthusiastic about life. Unique Minds seeks to engage students aged six weeks through 1st grade in order to get ahead of their peers in an increasingly competitive atmosphere. The curriculum is innovative and unique, aimed at encouraging self-esteem and independence in a stress-free environment. 

Every location is staffed with energetic, motivated employees who have been fully trained in all of the company policies, procedures, and practices to help our students reach their full potential. Employees are coached to offer assistance when needed and do what is possible to help each child feel confident and welcome. The school also offers several extracurricular activities for additional monthly fees, including piano, Spanish, soccer, gymnastics, and martial arts, all developed to provide the very best all-inclusive educational experience for families.

The franchise system at Unique Minds is just as on point as their curriculum. This well-organized, highly efficient operational strategy has lent to their steady growth over the past two decades. Ultimately, franchise buyers will find a model that includes recurring monthly revenue within multiple streams. Training, marketing assistance, and operational support are all included within the franchise offering, accented by a trusted brand name and solid curricular standards. With state of the art equipment and a clean and structured operation that provides all of the classes and structure a parent could want for their child, the Unique Minds model has successfully brought high-end early education centers to multiple markets near Houston, Texas.

This trusted brand name is meeting the high demands within a niche in the market. Early education that is tailored to each student ultimately enhances their outlook on learning, setting them up for success in subsequent schooling years. Unique Minds Montessori School Franchise Systems would love to hear from interested candidates who would like to learn more about their franchise offering. For more information, please visit the Unique Minds franchise page at

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