April 1, 2019

What is the HolySheets Franchise?

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HolySheets: A Incredible Business Model with A FUN, Innovative and Dynamic System.

The franchise market has been a big part of the small business community now for over 75 years and we all know of the brands that fit into the most commonly known market segments like food service and retail.  But every once in a while, something new, fresh and completely innovative comes along.  HolySheets is one of those new franchise ideas that fits this profile.  As the founder and CEO of the company says best, we are the only brand in the world where you will say our name after experiencing the amazing opportunity HolySheets has to offer.  

Mr. Eric Yugar, HolySheets’ CEO, is an incredible entrepreneur and one who never sits still.  In fact, before developing the HolySheets brand, he invented a fitness platform that we now know as being one of the most widely accepted fitness franchise models in the world.  His ingenuity and constant drive to do things better and more efficiently are what led to the HolySheets business model.  He noticed that there were a wide range of retailers and brands who were in this market segment, but none who focused on the high-end, quality product lines that he wanted to deliver to the market.  

HolySheets is the culmination of decades of experience, an entrepreneurial vision to change a market place and a keen eye for market opportunity.  HolySheets offers high quality product lines in a fun, upbeat and high energy retail environment.  The brand is positioned to attract interest and drive home the fact that sleep is important and your body deserves better, HolySheets is the place that can deliver.  The HolySheets management team has developed incredibly powerful marketing channels, branding and advertising platforms to distance the brand from others in the bedding retail market segment and present the level of premium quality products and customer experience inherent in the HolySheets business model.   

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The HolySheets franchise model has been developed carefully and strategically to deliver excellent training, systems and infrastructure needed to duplicate the model in new markets and deliver the same, amazing experience for customers in stores around the U.S.  Franchisees can expect a level of support and commitment from the franchisor which is unparalleled in it’s focus on duplicating the business model in new markets.  For more information on the HolySheets franchise offering or incredible product line available to consumers, visit the following sites for additional information:

Franchise Information:  http://www.strategicfranchisebrokers.com/holysheets-franchise-system/

Retail Information:  https://www.holysheetsusa.com 

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