January 12, 2010

The key to Franchise Success

The key to franchising successfully is the marketing and sales of the franchise itself. The marketing channels and systems used to effectively advertise and sell a business opportunity are based on different standards and follow a specific process. Entrust advertising your franchise to professionals who specialize in franchise development, branding and franchise sales.

Franchising can be an extremely effective and profitable way to grow a business. The keys to success are like most businesses.

1. Develop a well thought, thorough plan for success. You don’t plan for failure, you fail to plan in franchising.

2. Work with people who have the experience and industry expertise to guide the business in the right direction.

3. Systemize everything you do in the franchise marketing and sales process. The system is the key to your franchise operation’s success, why shouldn’t it be in your franchise marketing process?

4. Be Consistent with your brand. Franchise marketing is a carry over from your consumer advertising. The messages should not confuse the buyer of either the franchise or your product.

5. Deliver. Establish a process for how you present your franchise, the follow up process, technology used for managing the sales process and each step you plan to take with the buyers for your franchise until the close of the sale.

Franchise Marketing Systems works with businesses to manage their franchise, license and business opportunity sales programs. Contact us for more information.

Franchise consulting and sales work is only valuable if a professional works on both sides of the equation. Franchise marketing systems team works closely with buyers to help them choose a franchise to buy. We help buyers understand the question, “How to Buy a Franchise?” by evaluating the complex marketplace of franchises and business opportunities and matching those with the buyers skill sets, interest and available capital. In the end, we work with franchise companies and franchise buyers to create the most beneficial relationship and a win-win contract for both parties.

The relationship between a franchisee and franchisor is no different in theory than that of any solid partnership, both parties should come out of the agreement for the better. Good franchise sales starts with qualification and choosing to work with only the best, most qualified candidates.

Call us for more information and a complimentary consultation. We work across the United States and even with International Franchising.

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